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Mariama Richards Appointed Head of Crossroads School

Mariama has served in top leadership roles at the School since 2020.
On March 20, Board Chair Juan Carrillo P’21, P’23 gathered the School’s faculty and staff together for an exciting announcement: After a thorough evaluation process and careful consideration, the Board of Trustees had offered the permanent head of school position to Mariama Richards, who had enthusiastically accepted. Mariama’s tenure as the new head of school is effective immediately. 

In his speech on behalf of the Board, Juan said, “During her last eight months as interim head, and as associate head before that, Mariama has demonstrated her passion for each of our five founding commitments, from the academics to the arts, from cherishing the diversity of our school community to sharing with the outside world the best that Crossroads has to offer. But most importantly, I’ve seen her seeking to connect with our students on both campuses. I have sat next to her as she clapped in multiple art performances, and heard about her presence on the sidelines supporting our teams, win or lose. I know that our students’ well-being is her lodestar.”

Mariama first joined Crossroads in July of 2020 as associate head of school. During that time, she oversaw the School’s COVID-19 response, helped develop the School’s reentry plans after months of distance- and hybrid-learning and greatly contributed to Crossroads’ ongoing work to be a more inclusive and welcoming community. After Head of School Bob Riddle’s retirement at the end of the 2021-22 school year, Mariama stepped in as interim head of school.

Mariama’s expertise was honed over decades as a teacher and administrator at renowned independent schools including Georgetown Day School in her beloved hometown of Washington, D.C., Friends’ Central School outside Philadelphia and Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City. At Crossroads, she has proven to be a strong, thoughtful and collaborative leader with a passion for progressive education and student well-being. She is also now a proud Crossroads mom: Daughter Aminata entered kindergarten in September. 

“I hope that as I continue my time here at the School, you will know how deeply I care about the students and each of you as adults,” said Mariama in her address to employees. “I’m so thankful to the faculty and staff who keep our five commitments alive and keep us on the path of forward movement, because I believe wholeheartedly, with every fiber of my being, that this is the best School in the country. I’m going to shout it from the rooftops and everywhere I can to talk about our incredible faculty and the students that we graduate.”