Strategic Plan



Deepen the Crossroads Experience

I.  Enhance Student Wellness

Expand our commitment schoolwide to the support of each student’s well-being and full human potential, preparing students to know themselves fully and improving student wellness and agency.


II.  Reimagine Our Use of Time

Continue to examine holistically the daily schedule and annual calendar ensuring that the allocation of time, space, and resources 1) provides an optimal learning experience for students, 2) approaches the use of facilities in a shared and equitable manner and 3) prioritizes collaboration among teachers across and within all divisions and departments.


III.  Update Our School Philosophy and Core Commitments  

Review and update the School’s philosophy and core commitments, using this process to reinforce and strengthen the School’s mission, and in particular its ability to inspire and develop self-motivated students that utilize critical thinking combined with humble confidence and compassion to engage in a complex and changing society.


IV.  Cultivate a Consistent Culture of Learning and Continuous Improvement

The entire K-12 faculty and staff commit fully to the ongoing review, design and implementation of clear student learning outcomes, instructional strategies and educational best practices across and within departments and divisions required to sustain excellence in our rapidly evolving educational landscape.


V.  Enhance a Sense of Belonging and Inclusion

Develop a more robust and intentional system of integration and inclusion for our students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni into our various Crossroads communities.


VI.  Philosophy of Learning Spaces

Create a set of learning space core values and operating principles that guide the design of any future space in order to facilitate learning, community building and social justice. 


VII.  Enhance Our Performing Arts Program

Invest more deeply in the performing arts program by recommitting to the creation and development of a new performing arts facility.