Board of Trustees

Crossroads is truly fortunate to have such a committed and thoughtful Board of Trustees.
Thanks to the continued dedication and leadership of the Board, the School is well-positioned for continued success as we launch an ambitious new strategic plan and approach our 50-year anniversary. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain the role of the Board and the deep and lasting impact our Trustees continue to make on our School.

Board of Trustees


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  • What decisions are made by the Board?

    The Board oversees long-range, strategic planning for Crossroads. The Board engages in strategic financial planning; assumes primary responsibility for the preservation and growth of capital assets and endowments; approves the annual operating budget; and participates actively in fundraising in a leadership capacity.
  • Who is on the Board?

    Crossroads currently has 23 Trustees (15 men and 8 women), including current parents, alumni, parents of alumni and grandparents. The Trustees’ diverse professional experiences and skill sets—in business, the arts, finance, real estate, the law, politics, social justice, community advocacy and more—ensure a comprehensive approach that helps the School thrive. Indeed, the composition of the Board reflects the strategic expertise, resources and perspectives (past, present and future) needed to achieve Crossroads’ mission and strategic objectives.
  • How does the Board work with the School administration?

    The Head of School reports to the Board of Trustees as a whole, but not to individual Trustees. As such, the Board as a body is responsible for hiring, setting compensation for and evaluating the Head of School. The Board has no oversight over any other administrators or employees and is not involved in the day-to-day management of the School. Some administrators, such as the director of finance and operations or the director of advancement, may work with Board committees in an advisory capacity, sharing critical financial or fundraising information with the Finance, Audit or Development committees, for example. The Board does not work with division administrators.
  • What is the role of Crossroads’ Board of Trustees?

    The Board of Trustees champions and protects Crossroads’ mission. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the School community and to monitor the success of the School in fulfilling its mission. Each Trustee actively promotes Crossroads while accepting accountability for the School’s financial and strategic future. Trustees serve as fiduciaries of the School.


Board Members

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  • Trustees

    Andy Baum
    Trevor Bezdek ’95
    Juan Carrillo
    Christopher Chee
    Ann Colburn
    Bob Davenport
    Emilio Diez Barroso
    Bob Friedman
    Nicole Hoegl
    Martin Jacobs
    Deborah Kanter
    Nada Kirkpatrick
    Marisol León ’03
    Jeff Lipp
    Marc Millman
    Lois Reinis
    Tracy Seretean
    Bruce Stern
    Nat Trives
    Tom Werner
    Jeff Worthe
    Erik Wright
    Lanhee Yung
  • Trustees Emeriti

    Paul Cummins, Co-Founder
    Peter Norton
  • Trustees in Memoriam

    Charles Boxenbaum
    Mel Edelstein
    Shirley Garber
    Allen Mink
Board Breakdown
Men 15 65%
Women 8 35%
Non-White 9 39%
Alumni 2 9%
Current Parents 15 65%
Parents of Alumni* 6 26%
Grandparents 2 9%

*not also current parents



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  • Board Committees

    Audit Committee
    Development Committee
    Executive Committee
    Finance Committee
    Governance Committee
    Head of School Evaluation Committee
    Head of School Compensation Committee
    Investment Committee Revenue Committee

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  • Committees with Board Liasons

    403(b) Investment Committee
    Grandparent Development Committee
    Risk Management Committee
    Radical Inclusion for Social Equity (RISE)