Strategic Plan



Expand Our Presence in Los Angeles and Beyond

VIII.  Fortify Our Equity & Justice Program

Nurture the growth of the newly established Equity & Justice Institute through 1) service learning connected to real community needs and 2) externally facing programs inspiring our students to use their skills, intellect and passions to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems.

IX.  Develop an Innovation Center or School Within a School  

Explore programs that serve to 1) incubate progressive education practices and curriculum, 2) expand alternative course offerings not available during the school year, 3) generate revenue and/or 4) offer Crossroads educational experiences to the greater community.

X.  Expand Accessibility to Crossroads for the Greater Los Angeles Community

Explore and deepen our commitment to the greater Los Angeles community through accessibility to Crossroads programs.


XI.  Cultivate a New Professional Human Resources Paradigm

Create and nurture a new professional human resources paradigm that strategically integrates a holistic approach to 1) recruitment, orientation and retention, 2) professional development and support, 3) evaluation and 4) communication for all of our human resources.