Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Crossroads is a welcoming, inclusive community that seeks to reflect the diversity of the greater Los Angeles area and encourages the exchange of multiple viewpoints and experiences.
The diversity of our families, faculty and staff is apparent in our varied social, economic and racial backgrounds; belief systems; ethnicities and religions; sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities; family structures; and much more. Our diversity enriches the learning experience, exposing students to people of differing backgrounds and perspectives and helping them develop empathy and cultural competency. It also builds their awareness of systematic social inequities and empowers them to advocate for a more just world. Learn more.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office
Led by director Stephanie Carrillo, the K-12 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office provides leadership, guidance, and support to all school DEI initiatives. The Office fosters a culture of equity and inclusion through the implementation of curriculum, pedagogy, programs and policies designed to ensure all members of our community feel a strong sense of belonging. The Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Upper School coordinators are faculty members who support the Office at the divisional level, supported by the Office's assistant. The Office creates professional development and parent education opportunities; conducts internal and external outreach; supports recruitment and admission efforts; mentors students and fosters activism; and assesses programs, policies and procedures. As director of Latinx support and outreach, Silvia Salazar works with current Latinx students and parents and guides the Admission Office in its recruitment of incoming Latinx families. The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion serves as a resource to all members of the Crossroads community.

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  • Stephanie Carrillo

    Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, K-12
  • Silvia Salazar

    Associate Director of Latinx Support & Outreach, K-12
  • Jasmin McCloud

    Secondary DEI Coordinator and Middle & Upper School Counselor

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  • Tammy Abrahem

    Elementary School DEI Coordinator and Fifth Grade Co-Teacher
  • Mark Quinto

    Middle School DEI Coordinator and Middle School Core Teacher
  • Sarah Eleid

    Upper School DEI Coordinator, Science Teacher and Class of 2023 Advisor

Radical Inclusion for Social Equity

 RISE Committee
The mission of RISE is to utilize radical empathy to illuminate and engage with issues surrounding diversity and to act as catalyst for institutional change and individual identity development. The committee was initially created to help Crossroads implement many of the recommendations in the School’s 2012 Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism report.

RISE strives to promote meaningful conversations around issues of diversity and inclusion as well as to take action steps to advance those goals at Crossroads. It is open to all members of the School community who are interested in supporting and improving inclusion on campus.

RISE Leadership:
  • Co-Chair: Stephanie Carrillo, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Co-Chair: Silvia Salazar, Director of Latinx Support and Outreach and World Languages Teacher
  • Administrative Liaison: Mariama Richards, Head of School
Crossroads community members interested in joining the committee or learning more should contact SCarrillo@xrds.org or SSalazar@xrds.org.
Affinity Groups and Programs
Affinity groups are organized and designed to support students who share a common aspect of their identity, particularly an aspect of their identity that has been marginalized or historically excluded in society. Students participate in affinity groups in order to find connection, support and inspiration in a safe, structured environment. Facilitating positive identity exploration is central to creating an inclusive and thriving community.

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  • Middle School Affinity Groups

    • APIDA (Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American)
    • Black/ African Affinity
    • Girls of Color
    • MSJU (Middle School Jewish Union)
    • Middle Eastern Affinity
    • Mi Familia
    • Neurodiversity Affinity
    • PAL (Pride Affinity Lunch)
  • Upper School Affinity Groups

    • Alma Latina
    • APIDASU (Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American Student Union)
    • Black Girl Magic
    • Black Student Union
    • Jewish Student Union
    • Multi-Racial Student Union
    • Persian Student Union
    • Queer Student Union
    • Two Homes Affinity
    • Women of Color
  • Parent Programming

    Crossroads Community Council (CCC) events allow parents to communicate on issues of social justice as they relate to parenting, to Crossroads and to our greater community. CCCs are held six times a year and are led by a trained facilitator. Recent topics have included class and values; gender and self-image; and race and ethnicity. Throughout the year, the School holds K-12 affinity councils for families of color as well as division-specific programming, providing a space for parents to share their stories and experiences.
  • Alumni Programming

    The Crossroads Alumni Office hosts an annual Alumni of Color Reception. Attendees discuss their Crossroads journeys, sit in Council and mingle with students and current/former faculty of color.

Diversity and Inclusion

Conferences & Speakers
The diversity and inclusion work taking place at Crossroads doesn’t exist in isolation. Our students and employees engage with guest speakers and attend local and national conferences, contributing to the important discussions taking place and turning ideas into meaningful action.


Members of the Crossroads community participate in local and national conferences, workshops and roundtables, gaining new insights, personal connections and leadership skills. They return to campus energized, eager to share their newfound knowledge and implement what they have learned.

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  • Student Conferences

    Students have recently attended:
    • NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference at the People of Color Conference 
    • Empowerment and Engagement Coalition
    • Students Stay Woke Conference
  • Faculty/Staff Conferences

    Crossroads holds an annual, three-day intensive XRDS Summer Diversity Institute, which all employees are required to attend at some point during their tenure. Led by a skilled facilitator from Jones & Associates, which supports institutions in their diversity initiatives, participants develop strategies to help Crossroads become an even more inclusive, respectful and effective place. 

    Employees have recently attended and/or presented at:
    • Pollyanna Conference
    • Howard Stevenson In-Service Workshop on Racial Literacy
    • NAIS People of Color Conference
    • WorldPride NYC
    • LA County Office of Education Equity Leadership Institute
    • White Privilege Conference

Guest Speakers

Every division hosts accomplished guest speakers to address students on topics related to diversity and inclusion. Recently, National Book Award-winner Jacqueline Woodson and illustrator Rafael López visited the Elementary School and spoke about overcoming feeling like an outsider. Author Ellen Oh addressed Middle Schoolers about the need for diversity in young adult literature. And Women’s March LA Executive Director Emiliana Guereca discussed issues of intersectional identities and activism with Upper School students.

In addition, acclaimed speakers address students, employees and parents through the Crossroads Equity & Justice Institute’s Younes and Soraya Nazarian Equity & Justice Distinguished Lecture Series. This series is free and open to the public. Learn more.

Faculty Spotlight

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  • David Stewart

    Middle School Visual Arts Teacher & Project X Coordinator

    “Crossroads’ commitment to diversity is both radical and authentic. It is an honor to work in a community in which all students are known and valued.”