Educational Programs


At Crossroads, we strive to prepare students to think critically, express themselves openly and respectfully and commit themselves to lives that value community engagement and social activism. We aim to deliver a transformational educational experience that helps students find their passions, broaden their horizons and develop the leadership skills they will use to make meaningful differences in the world around them.

Elementary School

Learning in the Elementary School is experiential, child-centered and socially mindful. Our teaching approach encourages student initiative and ownership, promotes inquiry, fosters dialogue, expands and strengthens thinking processes and develops basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, speaking and listening. In our constructivist classrooms, the teacher does not simply tell the children what they need to know. Rather, our curious and intrepid students spend time figuring out how to solve problems across all areas of the curriculum.
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Middle School

Middle School offers students opportunities for new experiences, increased freedom, and greater personal responsibility. Students discover new ideas through literature, experimentation, problem-solving and discussion. Our unique Core program integrates English, geography, social studies and history to provide an interdisciplinary look at social movements and world events, while our Options program allows students to explore a wide variety of subjects outside of the curriculum. Supportive feedback from adults is a hallmark of our Middle School, where the educational environment honors process as well as product, and students flourish in a cooperative and collaborative learning environment.
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Upper School

The Upper School offers an outstanding college preparatory program. Each student has the personal support of an academic dean who monitors their progress; works alongside our college counselors to assist with college planning; and offers guidance on selecting courses that honor each student’s personal passions and academic goals. Our extraordinary teachers are committed to helping each and every student reach their full intellectual potential. Through challenging coursework across all disciplines, our Upper School students experience an enriching and rewarding academic program, preparing them well for the next stage of their educational journey.
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