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The Sam Francis Gallery, located in the Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre on the 21st Street Campus, is dedicated to the display of student art and to presenting cutting-edge exhibitions of work by locally and nationally prominent artists.
Thematically-based group exhibitions are often organized by independent curators and participating artists give public lectures and student workshops. Each spring, a group of student curators works with the Gallery director to organize an exhibition of works by local artists.

Current Exhibition

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  • Crossroads Advanced Studies Visual Art Exhibitions

    The Crossroads School Visual Arts Department is proud to present the 2023 CAS (Crossroads Advanced Studies) Visual Arts Exhibition. Students in CAS Ceramics, Graphic Design, Photography and Studio Art each created an independent body of work. These exhibitions reflect each student’s creativity, personal vision and engagement in the process of being an artist.
    CAS Exhibition #1: March 15-April 12, 2023
    Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 15, 4-6 p.m.
    Participants: Olivia Amann, Phil Bader, Yann Carrillo, Ryan Celmer, Cade Cohen, Levi Gilbert-Adler, Tara Green, Cole Hoegl, Daniel James, Nate Kindler, Meazi Light-Orr, Madeline Livingston, Jonah Mannheim, Katie McAdams, Harper Murray-Nelson, Ruby Offer, Charley Ordeshook, Tyler Rahimian, Jonah Reinis, Julitta Scheel, Luc Surprenant, Oliver Tannenbaum, Zion Watt, Yaqin Wharton-Ali, Liv Wiener
    CAS Exhibition #2: April 19-May 3, 2023
    Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 19, 4-6 p.m.
    Participants: Elijah Ayers-Davis, Paige Brindle, Zoie Brogdon, Miguel Carrasco, Jamison Dean, Gabriella Ebrahimi, Jordana Goldstein, Hugo Guckert, Joshua Hananel, Sofia Herrera, Kate Jang, Lucas Markle, Maddie Milam, Teagan O'Day, Landon Plummer, Ruby Port, Claire Rappaport, Skye Rawles, Ximena Rojas, Navid Rouzroch, Lily Shaw, Stephanie Ventura, Caspar von Alvensleben, Ansel Waisler, Maya Walley, Caden Weinhouse

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Sam Francis Gallery

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Sam Francis Gallery

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