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The Sam Francis Gallery, located in the Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre on the 21st Street Campus, is dedicated to the display of student art and to presenting cutting-edge exhibitions of work by locally and nationally prominent artists.
Thematically-based group exhibitions are often organized by independent curators and participating artists give public lectures and student workshops. Each spring, a group of student curators works with the Gallery director to organize an exhibition of works by local artists.


When Grief Strikes: a new era
Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences presents When Grief Strikes: a new era featuring Thirst by Chad Person. It is 2019 and there is a sense of urgency. Instead of writing to their leaders, youth are in their faces demanding change in order to preserve the planet. Students have come together in droves, insisting that adults become accountable as they draw a line in the sand in hopes to protect their future.

In 2010, Chad Person debuted Thirst, a 15-foot inflatable sculpture of the once-iconic ExxonMobil Pegasus lying down and gasping for breath in a show titled Surviving the End of Your World.

“Today, collective humanity is aware and indeed occupied by the reality of scarce global oil supplies,” Person says in his artist statement. “Foreshadowing this situation, Pegasus, the former Mobil Gasoline logo, has been retired from its role as color guard to one of the world’s most profitable corporations. Once everywhere, resource and icon alike are now vanishing, and we are forced to move on.

“The mythical Pegasus was a poignant archetype for the Mobil Petroleum logo. Born of pure good and selflessness, Pegasus sprang from a patch of earth where the wicked blood of Medusa had spilled and mixed with the soil.”

Nine years since its inception, Thirst continues to be relevant. The once-triumphant symbol of the industrial revolution is recast as a weak and dying icon, one that has succumbed to effects of climate and has been toppled by a new generation that demands radical change.

Chad Person received his MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico. His work is included in the public collections of The West Collection (PA), Frederick R. Weisman Foundation Collection (CA) and The University of New Mexico Art Museum (NM). He has had solo exhibitions in Albuquerque, Marfa and River Falls, and been featured in PULSE Miami Contemporary Art Fair.

October 23-November 15, 2019 


Sam Francis Gallery

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Sam Francis Gallery

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