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Please enjoy some of our finest musical moments at Crossroads as you peruse the tracks below.
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    • Music by Luca Mendoza; Soloists: Luca Mendoza, Leo Yablans

    • Music by Luca Mendoza; Soloist: Luca Mendoza; Strings arranged by Luca Mendoza; conducted by Alex Treger; Performed by the Jazz “A” Band and the Crossroads EMMI Chamber Orchestra

    • Music by Alec Schulman; Soloists: Leo Yablans, Alec Schulman

    • Music by Anna Abondolo; Soloists: Anna Abondolo, Luca Mendoza

    • Music by Leo Yablans; Soloists: Leo Yablans, Luca Mendoza

    • Music by Josh Hayes; Soloists: Josh Hayes, Anna Abondolo, Luca Mendoza, Stone La Velle

    • Music by Charlie Parker; Soloists: Leo Major, Will Kissinger, Lucas Wurman, Josh Stretten-Carlson

    • Music by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr.; As performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears; Vocalist: Lucas Wurman; Soloists: Leo Major, Taera Kang, Caleb Boren; Guest horns: Ethan Avery and Evan Avery, trumpet; Leo Yablans, tenor saxophone

    • Music by Nico Gordon; Soloists: Nico Gordon, Ethan Finkel, Josh Stretten-Carlson

    • Music by Bronislaw Kaper; Soloists: Josh Lipp, Stanford Fram, Miles Hoegl, Emilio Anamos, Stefan Fayman, Will Royce

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  • Sounds of the 'Roads 2017

    We create recordings every two years to give our student musicians important studio experience and, just as importantly, to document their wonderful talents. The music on this recording has been performed by ensembles from the Crossroads Upper School Music Department: the 21st Street Singers, Soul Roads, the Jazz Ensembles “A,” “B” and “C,” plus special guests from the Crossroads Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute (EMMI).


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