Admission and Affordability

Meet the Team

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  • Chris Teran


    “Crossroads is a unique and connected community. Our students experience a challenging and collaborative environment thanks to our incredible teachers, and our staff are deeply committed to the Crossroads mission. We educate impactful change agents. It's a privilege to be a part of the School.”
  • Steven Casey


    Philosophy at work and commitment to accessibility and affordability is why I choose to serve the Crossroads community. When you arrive on campus, you can see and feel the energy of the Crossroads model of education. The School's commitment to academic excellence, diversity and community service makes it a transformative environment where students can reach their full potential.
  • Jessica Ngo


    Crossroads is a caring, inspiring environment for our students to explore their curiosity and learn who they are as people. The teachers and staff put our children first. Together, we build programs that help students become understanding leaders, motivated creators and caring guardians of tomorrow's world.

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  • Martie McKinney

    Director of Middle School Admission

    “What makes Crossroads unique are our engaged and passionate teachers, student voice and choice, challenging academics and time to explore, high-level sports, theater conservatory program, the Alley, our focus on social justice, warm and supportive relationships and so much more.”
  • Emily Doerner

    Director of Upper School Admission

    “Our students are so passionate and engaged, and everyone is happy. They are here to truly experience school and use all of the resources and opportunities that are offered to them. There is no hierarchy of interests here: Everyone is equal and supports each other.”
  • Joy Sevillano


    “There is so much that is unique to Crossroads. The School functions like a village, where parents and the faculty have a strong partnership. Teachers are more like classroom facilitators and are actively engaged with their students, even learning with them at times. Our students are able to discover their passions and themselves through art, music, writing, sports and more. Lastly, social justice isn’t a concept that is abstract but is lived and experienced through conversations, student work and service projects.”

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  • Erika Diaz

    Elementary Admission Coordinator and K-12 Spanish Language Liaison

    “Crossroads is a united community where everyone supports each other. Parents and faculty work together to help the students succeed and reach their highest potential. It is an honor to be part of a successful learning community.”
  • Erica Woodson


    “I love the commitment to community at Crossroads! In my time at the School, I have built valuable relationships with students, parents and staff; everyone is so warm and friendly here. Working in an environment where everyone feels seen and heard makes Crossroads feel like home. Here, everyone utilizes their passion to make a difference on campus each day.”
  • Tien Hoang


    “I love the people here at Crossroads. The sense of community is amazing, and I can truly say that it's a special place to be. And, I have the perk of having an office on the Elementary School campus; getting to see all of these happy kids on a daily basis is awesome.”