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This is an exciting time in your child’s educational journey, and we are honored to be a part of your school search!
Crossroads Middle and Upper Schools are all about creating long, lasting, impactful relationships—between teachers and students and students and students. Our admission process is the same—we want to get to know your child and family and will make sure your family has many opportunities to understand and experience Crossroads! 

We are here to help and can’t wait to meet you!

Martie, Emily, Erica, Chris, Tien and Steven
Crossroads Secondary Admission Team

Middle & Upper School Admission

Application Steps and Dates for 6th-12th Grade Applicants
We encourage families to submit their Family Application as early as possible, so that you have the most options for scheduling the student interview. In addition, once you submit your application, you will then have access to the recommendation forms.
November 9, 2023
Family Application preferred deadline for sibling, employee and legacy families

January 5, 2024
Family Application final deadline

January 12, 2024
School and Supplemental Forms deadline (recommendations, transcripts and Character Skills Snapshot) 

March 8, 2024
Admission decisions emailed at 5 p.m. (K-12)

Middle & Upper School Admission

Core Values

List of 5 items.

  • A Humane Process

    We want this process to be as enjoyable, easy and accessible as possible. We greatly value an anxiety-free experience for students and we only require materials that are absolutely necessary for us to get to know your child and family.
  • Character and Academics

    Grades don’t tell the whole story of your child. In addition to a strong academic profile, we want to understand the strengths your child possesses that influence their academic achievement and social-emotional growth. We ask all applicants to complete the Character Skills Snapshot, a tool that helps assess non-cognitive characteristics that we feel also contribute to school success.
  • Collaboration over Competition

    We’re different from other schools. We want to learn about your student in an authentic, collaborative environment with other students. Our Small Group Interview program is designed for students to work together in comfortable and intentional settings.
  • Student Voice

    Above all, Crossroads honors and nurtures each student’s voice and ideas. Your child will have a number of ways throughout our process to share who they are with us, including through their student questions, Small Group Interview, and Character Skills Snapshot.
  • Transparency

    The Admission process should not be mysterious or opaque. Our entire process is oriented to understanding your child and family, from the parent and student questions to the Character Skills Snapshot. We also openly share how the applicant review and selection processes work at Crossroads.

Middle & Upper School Admission

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Our Admission Office will be offering tours, parent/guardian chats, admission office hours, student-to-student connection events, and much more! Please click here to learn more and to register for any events.