Admission and Affordability

Affording Crossroads

At Crossroads, our values center on equity and justice, sustaining a diverse student body, and providing access to a transformative educational experience at an affordable cost.
Crossroads provides an environment where curiosity is cultivated, dismantling systems of oppression is encouraged, and civic engagement is expected. We strive to be a community of intention, embracing collective responsibility for solving collective problems. By making our school affordable, we ensure that Crossroads is accessible to students who will use their education to create a more just and equitable society.

Our Affordability Program—formerly known as Financial Aid—is a partnership between families and Crossroads to remove financial barriers and determine the right cost for families from a multitude of backgrounds and circumstances.

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  • Average Grant = 73% of Tuition

  • 25% of Our Families Participate in Our Affordability Program

Affording Crossroads

Misconceptions About Affordability

Affording Crossroads

How to Explore the Affordability Program

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  • Family Conversations

    We encourage you to begin this process by discussing how your family values education and how this aligns with your educational goals for your child.
  • Establishing Your Priorities

    Once you understand Crossroads’ Affordability policies and process, we encourage you to create budget scenarios at different levels and discuss any lifestyle adjustments you might need to make to afford Crossroads.

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  • Exploring Affordability

    Attend one of our online Affordability Info Sessions and Affordability Coffees. See the Upcoming Events section below for details. Also, please read our Crossroads Affordability Family Guide (English / Spanish).
  • Gathering Documents & Completing the Application

    You will need to gather all supporting documentation (English / Spanish), complete the Parent Financial Statement, upload your documentation to your portal and schedule a time to meet with our Director of Affordability.

Affording Crossroads

What Families Pay

Affording Crossroads

Events About Affordability
Crossroads offers various types of sessions to help you navigate affording Crossroads. Our sessions are designed to take the “mystery” out of the process. Our goal is to be transparent and to educate our families so that they can make an informed decision while researching this educational opportunity.

Affordability Program


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  • Do I have to reapply each year for the Affordability Program?

    Yes. Each student’s need is recalculated annually. Therefore, parents/guardians are required to complete the application and upload the required documentation each year. 
  • Does Crossroads help with costs outside of tuition?

    Our Inclusion Aid program helps cover the cost of books, laptops, transportation, after-school programs, and other school-related expenses.
  • How does the School make a determination of a grant?

    The School considers many factors when evaluating an application. The data provided through the application drives a methodology to compute a family’s ability to pay for educational expenses for all children. The computation takes into account family size, cost of living, income and assets. Crossroads combines this information with our School policies, along with family conversations, to make assessments of a family’s ability to pay. All of our decisions are done through a committee.
  • Is the Affordability Program a loan?

    Our Affordability Program is not a loan, it is a reduction of the educational cost.
  • What does “total family philosophy” mean?

    Crossroads expects to have a cooperative and communicative relationship with all parents or guardians of each of our students and requires the active participation of a student’s entire family in funding this educational opportunity.

    The School recognizes, in rare cases, there may be an unusual circumstance that makes it difficult to obtain certain information. In this case, Crossroads will ask the applying parent to provide information and the School will make every effort to make contact with both biological and/or custodial parents and all responsible family members.
  • What is the average Affordability Grant?

    Our Average Affordability Grant award is around $31,000, around 73% of the cost of tuition.
  • What is the average income of families applying for the Affordability Program?

    The average income of families applying for the Affordability Program is $165,000.

Admission and Affordability

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