Why Crossroads

What We Believe

A Force in the World

“We are a School that was created with a very specific mission: to be a part of the change in the world. —Bob Riddle, Former Head of School
Crossroads is a vibrant, relationship-based school with a founding commitment to the “greater community.” Started in 1971 and taking inspiration from the civil rights, anti-war and feminist movements, Crossroads was founded to be not just a school, but also a movement for positive social change in the world. This ambitious charge is part of the very DNA of Crossroads. Not only do our students engage in meaningful service learning and community service projects, but Crossroads as an institution considers serving the greater community a cornerstone of our mission.
Key institutional service programs in Crossroads’ history include:
  • The Crossroads Community Foundation (CCF), an institutional service initiative created in 1984 to develop and implement partnerships and programs that serve the greater community.

  • P.S. Arts, launched in 1990 to provide visual and performing arts education to children in underserved LA public schools. Today, P.S. Arts is its own nonprofit, providing arts instruction to nearly 25,000 students in California. 

  • P.S. Science, launched in 2006 to provide hands-on science education and teacher training to students in underserved LA public schools. Today, P.S. science is its own nonprofit, serving 2,000 students at nine Title 1 elementary schools. 

  • The Crossroads School Equity & Justice Institute, opened in 2018 to bring new opportunities for service and innovation to our students while developing and supporting meaningful community action with partner organizations.
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Why Crossroads

A Sense of Belonging
Attending Crossroads means becoming part of a vibrant and tight-knit community of learners. In a collaborative, noncompetitive learning environment, students acquire confidence, practice compassion and chart their own course. 

Crossroads is a relationship-based school. Instructors are wholly dedicated to the well-being of every student, serving as guides and mentors along their educational and emotional journeys. They get to know each student’s strengths and areas for growth. They attend student performances and athletics games. They make themselves available. Our students know they can rely on their teachers to help them master difficult concepts, engage in deep discussions and talk through personal challenges. Students develop lasting bonds of trust and camaraderie with our teachers, coaches and staff members; year after year, alumni return to campus to reconnect with the adults who played transformative roles in their lives.

Crossroads students feel seen, heard and loved for who they are.

As a result, our graduates are independent, self-assured and socially conscious. They know that their voice matters and that their education has prepared them to make a meaningful impact in the world. And they know that, regardless of the path they choose, they belong.

Why Crossroads

A Culture of Inclusion
One of Crossroads’ five founding commitments is to “the development of a student population of social, economic and racial diversity.” Our students hail from 91 zip codes. One in four participates in our Affordability Program, and 54% identify as students of color. Crossroads embraces and supports our diverse community of learners through initiatives including student and parent affinity groups; the Radical Inclusion for Social Equity (RISE) Committee; renowned guest speakers; heritage celebrations; and much more.

The rich diversity of our School community—our varied ethnicities and religions; belief systems; family structures; and more—reflects the world we live in and creates a culture of inclusion, empathy and respect. 

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