From the Head of School

I am thrilled to introduce you to Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, now celebrating 50 years of inclusive, transformative and joyful education.
Since our founding in 1971, Crossroads has been so much more than just a school. Two visionary educators—Paul Cummins and Rhoda Makoff—and a small group of parents set out to create a vibrant community of lifelong learners and a school that would be a movement for good in the world. Today, that community has grown to over 1,200 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, supported by dedicated parents, faculty, staff and nearly 5000 alumni.
Each member of Crossroads’ diverse student body embarks on an educational journey to realize their full human potential: intellectually, physically, artistically and emotionally. Teachers act as guides on this journey, equipping students with the tools to thrive. Along the way, students learn to think critically, question thoughtfully and express themselves fully. They challenge themselves to see new perspectives and discover what delights them. This forward-thinking, student-centered experience is transformational and empowering.
Over my 38-year career at Crossroads, beginning as a Middle School math teacher, I have remained in awe of how the School lives up to its founding ideals and continues to grow. Our students are courageous, driven, confident and civically engaged. They are not just prepared for graduation but primed to forge new paths and effect positive change. Being a part of this incredibly special community is truly rewarding. While the 2021-22 school year will be my last at Crossroads, I can think of no better way to close this chapter of my career than by celebrating the School’s remarkable history while preparing for its future.
Thank you for your interest in Crossroads. I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about how Crossroads continues to reimagine what a school can be.

Bob Riddle
Head of School