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Athletics Hall of Fame Inducts Class of 2022

Five individuals and one team of alumni student-athletes were honored at the event.
At this year’s Athletics Hall of Fame event, K-12 Athletics Director Ira Smith took to the stage to share the history and meaning behind the program, which honors the rich heritage and tradition of athletic achievement at Crossroads. In addition, the Hall of Fame ceremony celebrates the culture of community that is so uniquely Crossroads. Inductees, along with close to 100 guests including family, friends, former coaches and teachers, gathered in the Community Room on October 15 for dinner and an intimate ceremony. 

“It’s really about the camaraderie and the relationships that are built along the way,” said Ira, reflecting upon the athletics program at the School. “I was never more happy today than to watch everyone see each other again for the first time. I don’t know how long it’s been for many of you, but I can imagine it’s been a very long time—so that within itself gave me a lot of joy.” 

Mariama Richards echoed Ira’s sentiment in her speech, which included an anecdote from when she first assumed her current role as interim head of school. When she asked longtime teacher and administrator David Olds to serve as interim associate head of school, his only request was that he could continue coaching the Upper School cross country team. 

“I knew I couldn’t say no,” said Mariama, “because that’s so much of what makes Crossroads Crossroads. We have these phenomenal teachers and there’s so much that happens outside of our ‘academic work.’ This co-curricular space that we engage in—that is athletics. That is the arts. That is community service and service learning. That is the work that happens in our equity programming. That really is what creates that beautiful line between all those particular parts of how students live their lives here on campus.” 

As each inductee accepted their award and made remarks, they acknowledged how a Crossroads education shaped their experience not only as student-athletes, but also as young people embarking into the world.

“Crossroads was really part of what shaped me into who I am today and who I was [throughout] college,” said former Crossroads swimmer Cheryl Kriegsman ’85. “Crossroads is all-encompassing. It doesn’t just focus on one aspect of the human being and I really benefited from that.”

Former Crossroads tennis player Clay Thompson ’01 was one of the top-recruited students in the nation and received several offers to go pro during high school. In his speech, Clay told the audience, “I declined every single one of them because my time at Crossroads meant so much to me. I really wanted to spend my senior year with my best friends in the world, many of whom are here today. …Crossroads is a very unique place and I’m so glad that I got the honor of being a part of this community. The thing I always say about Crossroads is that it taught me human development skills: how to communicate, how to understand, how to bond. These are undervalued skills today and they—along with the friends and memories that I made at this School—are among the most important aspects of my life. They have made me truly who I am.”  

Every inductee acknowledged the impact of interpersonal relationships with their teammates and coaches. In a particularly poignant conclusion to the evening, Ira took a moment to remember Chuck Ice, who passed earlier this year. Chuck was Crossroads’ former athletics director and an important coach and mentor for many of the inductees during their time at the School. 

“I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me and all of us to honor Chuck at a Hall of Fame event, which celebrates athletic excellence,” said Ira. “Chuck, my friend, I hope you’re proud of the work that we’re continuing to do to carry on the proud legacy of Crossroads athletics.” 

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 inductees: 

Isaiah Fox ’01, Basketball 
Tom Gray, Cross Country, Flag Football, Softball and Baseball Coach
Cheryl Kriegsman ’85, Swimming
Shannon McQueen ’10, Basketball and Softball
Clay Thompson ’10, Tennis 
The 1987 Varsity Basketball Team 

Welcome to the Crossroads Athletics Hall of Fame!