Crossroads News

The Class of 2022 Graduates

137 seniors celebrated the culmination of their Crossroads journey.
“I will keep the message to our graduates short: Go make us proud.”
So spoke Board Chair Juan Carrillo at the opening of yesterday’s Class of 2022 Commencement ceremony, held on the Norton Campus soccer field. The in-person celebration, also shown on livestream, was marked by moving speeches by students, administrators and teachers as well as heartwarming student musical performances.
Head of School Bob Riddle, who retires at the end of June, noted that his first year as head was also the year that many of the seniors began their Crossroads journey as kindergartners. He acknowledged, “I may be feeling some of what you’re feeling, with this being my last commencement ceremony at Crossroads.” He spoke about the essential beliefs that carried him through his personal and professional life, including leading with empathy and compassion and living every day in gratitude.
Senior Graham Sidman shared some of the lessons he had learned at Crossroads that he hoped to take with him into the future. “You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” he noted. “This is our welcome into a new world, a new chapter.”

Upper School science co-chair and teacher Anand Patel shared stories of the setbacks in his life that ultimately led him on the right path, urging students to “never stop pursuing what you want to do.”

Congratulations to our newest graduates!