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Fifth Graders Move Up to Middle School

Fond memories and excitement for the future abound in virtual ceremony.
“You’ve been in a world that none of us have ever experienced before,” acknowledged Head of Elementary School Debbie Wei at Thursday’s Moving Up Ceremony honoring the Class of 2027’s transition to Middle School. “And remarkably you’ve continued to bring joy, to bring creativity, thoughtfulness and fun to each other and to the broader school community, and amazingly, you’ve continued to provide leadership.”
The ceremony began with an address by Head of School Bob Riddle, who expressed gratitude to parents and teachers and also excitement about the bright potential in each and every one of the fifth graders. In the live Zoom webinar, hundreds of attendees near and far watched as the students reacted to these encouraging words.
Following Bob’s remarks, each fifth grader’s self-portrait introduced a video of that student sharing a poignant memory from Elementary School. The students recalled their first days at Crossroads, life-changing field trips and overcoming an array of challenges.
“Crossroads has taught me how to stand up for what’s right, and I will always take the leading role as long as I’m alive,” said fifth grader Adi Petros, after recalling how he led his peers in signing a petition to quell a conflict during recess.
Noa Spector also learned important life lessons during Elementary School. “Going forward, I will try and have an open mind about things that challenge me,” she recognized. “And remember that in the moment they are hard, but in the end, they will help me.”
The ceremony culminated with a live performance of the students dancing and interpreting the words to the Black Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling” in sign language.
On Thursday afternoon, the celebrations continued with a carpool parade, cheered on by socially distant faculty and staff, for all Elementary Schoolers on the Norton Campus.