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Senior Dog Day Goes Virtual

Four-legged friends strut their stuff—from the safety of home.
The spring semester is usually a joyful one for seniors to commemorate the conclusion of high school with celebrations including prom, graduation and other beloved traditions. Yet the necessity of strict social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic means that seniors find themselves stuck at home, the experiences they’d looked forward to now postponed or canceled.

There was a chance that Senior Dog Day could have become one such casualty. In this decades-long Crossroads tradition, seniors bring their pups to campus to trot through the Alley, drop in on classes and nap on and under picnic tables.

It was Upper School Dean of Student Life Anthony Locke ’01 who suggested taking Senior Dog Day online on April 30. Student Council members Karina Martir and Anna Sophia Lotman invited their fellow seniors to submit photos and videos of their pets—cats and rabbits welcome—along with fun facts about them. Karina then edited the clips into a delightful music video. There’s Bugsy, who once ate a rock; Ginger, who loves to swim; and Mittens, a cat who, remarkably, earned a law degree from Ohio State. Furry friends also made guest appearances in senior Zoom classrooms throughout the day.
Notes Karina, “We hope that upholding events like Senior Dog Day will act as a reminder of the community that we have worked to build throughout the school year as a united grade.”