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Sounds of the ’Roads 2017

The music on this recording has been performed by ensembles from the Crossroads Upper School Music Department: the 21st Street Singers, Soul Roads, the Jazz Ensembles “A,” “B” and “C,” plus special guests from the Crossroads Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute (EMMI). We create recordings every two years to give our student musicians important studio experience, and just as importantly, to document their wonderful talents. For this year’s project, we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to record at Apogee’s beautiful studio, located just around the corner in Santa Monica. A lot of hard work went into the recording, along with a good deal of joy and laughter too; we hope that you will share in that spirit as you listen to “Sounds of the ’Roads 2017.”
This .zip file contains all of the audio tracks in a hi-fi format, so click once on the button above and then please allow a few minutes for the file to fully download. Estimated file size: 907MB.

Sounds of the ’Roads 2017

More About the Album


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  • Upper School Jazz “A” Band

    under the direction of Evan Avery

    Leo Yablans ’17, tenor sax
    Luca Mendoza ’17, piano
    Alec Schulman’ 17, piano
    Josh Hayes ’17, guitar
    Anna Abondolo ’18, bass
    Stone La Velle ’18, drums
  • Upper School Jazz “B” Band

    under the direction of Evan Avery

    Leo Major ’20, alto saxophone
    Taera Kang ’19, flute
    Nico Gordon ’18, piano
    Will Kissinger ’20, piano
    Caleb Boren ’18, guitar
    Ethan Finkel ’17, guitar
    Lucas Wurman ’20, guitar/vocals
    Eli Fresco ’20, bass
    Josh Stretten-Carlson ’18, drums
  • Upper School Jazz “C” Band

    under the direction of Evan Avery

    Miles Hoegl ’20, alto saxophone
    Reed Wilson ’20, alto saxophone
    Stanford Fram ’20, piano
    Arlo Henrikson ’20, piano
    Ellery Harper ’20, guitar
    Josh Lipp ’20, guitar
    Will Royce ’20, bass
    Emilio Anamos ’20, drums (track 10)
    Stefan Fayman ’20, drums (track 11)
  • EMMI

    Grace Park, Director of EMMI
    Alex Treger, Conductor

    Albert Gang, violin
    Alex Iida ’19, violin
    Amy Sze ’19, violin
    Abraham Eyre ’19, violin
    Isaac Pross ’18, violin
    Emily Richardson ’18, violin
    Lavinia Chen ’16, violin
    Andy Park ’20, viola
    SarahElizabeth Lee ’20, cello
    Claire Park ’19, cello
    Madeline Kim ’18, cello
    Charlie Sands ’18, bass
  • 21st Street Singers

    under the direction of Jarod P. Sheahan

    Chandler David ’18
    Sade Famuyiwa ’18
    Heather Fragen ’19
    Lila Gilliam ’19
    Isabel Horowitz ’17
    Kailey Hunt ’18
    Maia Kirkpatrick ’18
    Holiday Kriegel ’18
    Phoebe Lewin ’17
    Anaiya Martin ’18
    Juliana Martino ’17
    Karina Martir ’20
    Roxy McAdams ’18
    Hannah Millar-Jennings ’20
    Griffin Moss ’17
    Veronica Pickard ’17
    Katrina Ramos ’17
    Magaluna Ramos ’18
    Lucie Reiss ’18
    Adam Riva ’17
    Bella Roth ’18
    Stella Sekoff ’18
    Chloe Sesar ’20
    Audrey Slatkin ’18
    Emma Spivack ’17
    Ethan Treiman ’17
    Sara Ungerleider ’18
    Ava Westlin ’19
    Grace Westlin ’17
  • Soul Roads

    under the direction of Tony Hundtoft and Brad Babinski

    Jade Duncan-Rogosin ’20, vocals
    Sophie Baron ’18, guitar/vocals
    Jack Hohnen-Weber ’19, guitar/vocals
    Henry Bartis ’17, guitar
    Izzy Meyerson ’19, guitar
    Adi Thein-Sandler ’17, guitar
    Noah Treiman ’17, guitar
    David Deiser ’20, keyboard
    Luca Ferrario ’19, keyboard
    Jacob Shima ’17, keyboard
    Jacob Winthrop ’20, bass/guitar
    Jonah Etessami ’19, drums
    Dylan Stone ’20, drums
    Nelli Briceno ’18, tenor sax
    Hugo Budd ’19, flute
    Steven Haker ’20, clarinet

Credits & Acknowledgements

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  • Acknowledgements

    The Music Department would like to thank the following people whose extraordinary efforts have made this project possible: Bob Riddle, Morgan Schwartz, Roxanne Zazzaro, Janeen Jackson, Grace Park, Alex Treger, Henry Shin, Jeremy Stappard and everyone at Apogee, and the entire Crossroads community for all of the wonderful support. We’d like to give a special thanks to Daniel Jimenez Afanador, who once again gave his all to make this project happen. Thanks for everything, Daniel!
  • Production Credits

    Upper School Jazz ensembles directed by Evan Avery

    21st Street Singers directed by Jarod P. Sheahan

    Soul Roads directed by Tony Hundtoft and Brad Babinski

    Recorded at Apogee Studios in Santa Monica in April/May 2017

    Recorded by Brandon Duncan and Daniel Jimenez Afanador

    Recording assistants: Alex Etz ’20, Jack Hohnen-Weber ’19, Griffin Moss ’17 and Harry Rabin

    Mixed and mastered by Daniel Jimenez Afanador

    Visual art and design by Janeen Jackson

    Executive producers: Evan Avery and Tony Hundtoft

Sounds of the ’Roads 2017

Listen Online
    • Music by Luca Mendoza; Soloists: Luca Mendoza, Leo Yablans

    • Music by Luca Mendoza; Soloist: Luca Mendoza; Strings arranged by Luca Mendoza; conducted by Alex Treger; Performed by the Jazz “A” Band and the Crossroads EMMI Chamber Orchestra

    • Music by Alec Schulman; Soloists: Leo Yablans, Alec Schulman

    • Music by Anna Abondolo; Soloists: Anna Abondolo, Luca Mendoza

    • Music by Leo Yablans; Soloists: Leo Yablans, Luca Mendoza

    • Music by Josh Hayes; Soloists: Josh Hayes, Anna Abondolo, Luca Mendoza, Stone La Velle

    • Music by Charlie Parker; Soloists: Leo Major, Will Kissinger, Lucas Wurman, Josh Stretten-Carlson

    • Music by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr.; As performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears; Vocalist: Lucas Wurman; Soloists: Leo Major, Taera Kang, Caleb Boren; Guest horns: Ethan Avery and Evan Avery, trumpet; Leo Yablans, tenor saxophone

    • Music by Nico Gordon; Soloists: Nico Gordon, Ethan Finkel, Josh Stretten-Carlson

    • Music by Bronislaw Kaper; Soloists: Josh Lipp, Stanford Fram, Miles Hoegl, Emilio Anamos, Stefan Fayman, Will Royce

    • Music by Lyle Mays; Soloists: Arlo Henrikson, Ellery Harper, Reed Wilson

    • Music and lyrics by John Lennon and Paul McCartney; Arranged by Jarod P. Sheahan

    • Music by Eric Whitacre; Lyrics by Edward Esch

    • Music and lyrics by Ronnie Shannon; Vocalist: Jade Duncan-Rogosin; Lead guitar: Jacob Winthrop

    • Music and lyrics by Amy Winehouse; Vocalist: Sophie Baron; Lead guitar: Jack Hohnen-Weber

    • Music by Herbie Hancock and the Ohio Players; Arranged by Evan Avery and Tony Hundtoft; Guitar solo 1: Noah Treiman; Guitar solo 2: Adi Thein-Sandler; Keyboard solo: Luca Ferrario

    • Music and lyrics by Bob Weir; Vocals: Jack Hohnen-Weber; Guitar solo 1: Noah Treiman; Guitar solo 2: Adi Thein-Sandler