• Crossroads
There is no such thing as a “typical” high school experience at Crossroads. The Upper School offers you a tantalizingly diverse curriculum—everything from gender studies and filmmaking to advanced organic chemistry—and invites you to delve deeply into your areas of interest.

Depth and Direction

Curiosity is your guide as you plan your studies. The high ceiling for advanced learning stretches from math and science to music, the arts and more, and includes Crossroads Advanced Studies (CAS) courses, independent research projects and concentrations in classical music and theater.

Making an Impact

Our students utilize their passions to make a difference. Through dozens of outreach-focused campus clubs, student-planned forum days and events related to equity and social justice, you can take advantage of the many opportunities for service, and develop new initiatives of your own.

Rites of Passage

The hallmarks of the Crossroads experience coalesce in your unforgettable senior year. You’ll take on a three-week immersive project of your choice and go on a life-changing retreat in Ojai, solidifying a high school experience defined by passionate inquiry, personal growth and lifelong bonds with teachers and classmates.
“I was blessed to be part of a community where I was welcomed by many, where I could be who I am, and where I was only encouraged to become better.”

—Isaac, 12th Grade Student
Middle and Upper School: 21st Street Campus | 1714 21st St., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 829-7391
Elementary School: Norton Campus | 1715 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 828-1196
Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences provides a unique K-12 program built on a progressive, developmental model of education.