Strategic Plan


As is true about so many aspects of Crossroads, the creation of this strategic plan would not have been possible without the dedication of our entire School community.
Deep thanks to the Board of Trustees, whose thoughtful input and excellent leadership empowered Crossroads to create a strategic plan that will serve as a blueprint for the School into the near future.
Special thanks to the Strategic Plan Steering Committee—a representative group of administrators, faculty and staff, parents, students, alumni and Trustees—for their incredible commitment to the School. From start to finish, these individuals ensured a smooth and collaborative strategic planning process.
Heartfelt thanks to the Strategic Planning Work Groups, who delved deep into matters of great importance to Crossroads and who identified the goals that are reflected in the strategic plan.
Thanks to the School community members who responded to the strategic planning survey, offering nuanced insights about all aspects of Crossroads and thus enabling the School to shape a future that reflects our mission and values.
Thanks to CAIS/WASC self-study co-chairs Nancy Seid and Morgan Schwartz, as well as everyone else who participated in the self-study, for lending valuable perspectives to our strategic plan.
Thanks to our consultant, Ian Symmonds & Associates, for their guidance throughout the process.
Most of all, thanks to the entire Crossroads community for your support as we work together to ensure the School’s success for years to come.

Steering Committee

Bob Riddle, head of school
Barbara Whitney, chief financial officer
Morgan Schwartz, assistant head of school and
     dean of faculty
Phil Storrs, Middle and Upper School teacher
Tracey Porter, Middle School teacher
Anand Patel, Upper School teacher
Taylor Parker, Elementary School teacher
Hadrian Predock, parent
Mark Cappellano, parent
Cara Natterson, parent
Nada Kirkpatrick, Trustee
Lois Reinis, Trustee
Austin Astrup ’18, student
Madison Quan ’18, student
Marisol León ’03, alumna
Jenn Gerber ’97, staff
Marc Millman, parent

Strategic Plan Work Groups

Faculty Recruitment, Support and Growth
Tracey Porter and Morgan Schwartz, co-chairs
Brian Austria
Trevor Bezdek ’95
Molly Cavallaro
Colin Gruen
Valerie Jauregui
Paul Larsen
Edward Peebles-Maxwell
Toni Trives
Veronica Ulloa
Guy Vandenbroucke
Bob Riddle and Marisol León ’03, co-chairs
Jamila Banks ’90
Virginia Benitez
Mark Cappellano
Emma Cothren
Leanne DeCraene
Emilio Diez Barroso
Kate Gershwin ’19
Lila Gilliam ’19
Eli Glasberg ’19
Susan Gonzales
Martin Jacobs
Michelle Merson
Katrina O’Brien
Grace Park
Cherylnn Pope
Jesse Robinson
Debbie Wei
Erik Wright
Roxanne Zazzaro
Anand Patel and Phil Storrs, co-chairs
Hagy Belzberg
Cassandra Cando
Zane Hankin ’20
Sam Jones
Stella Josefsberg ’19
School Culture and Mission
Cara Natterson and Madison Quan ’18, co-chairs
Eric Barber
Joe Blackstone
Paul Case
Ann Colburn
Scott Correll
Jenn Gerber ’97
Taylor Parker
Isaac Pross ’18
Jeff Ranes ’95
Tracy Seretean
Kristin Worthe ’84
Accessibility and Cost
Lois Reinis and Marc Millman, co-chairs
Andy Baum
Michelle Brookman ’82
Darlene Chan
Paula Dobbins
Mona Fakki
Josh Goldin
Shawn Gunn
Janeen Jackson
Julie Light-Orr
Cheryl Martir
Sue Mathews
Sasha Moore
Ilene Resnick-Weiss
Thaddeus Stauber
Lanhee Yung
Community and Diversity
Nada Kirkpatrick and Austin Astrup ’18, co-chairs
Marisa Alimento
Mery Grace Castelo
Deborah Dragon
Mir Harris ’02
Nicole Hoegl
Jasmine Javaheri ’19
Daniela Sanchez ’20
Hassani Scott ’13
Barbara Whitney

Board of Trustees

Bob Friedman, Chair
Nada Kirkpatrick, Chair Designate
Darlene Chan, Executive Vice Chair
Nat Trives, Executive Vice Chair
Jeff Worthe, Executive Vice Chair
Deborah Kanter, Secretary
Bob Davenport, Treasurer

Andy Baum
Trevor Bezdek ’95
Michelle Brookman ’82
Juan Carrillo
Christopher Chee
Ann Colburn
Emilio Diez Barroso
Mary Farrell
Nicole Hoegl
Martin Jacobs
Marisol León ’03
Jeff Lipp
Ted Miller ’82
Marc Millman
Sharon Nazarian
David Offer ’84
Lois Reinis
Ilene Resnick-Weiss
Tracy Seretean
Bruce Stern
Tom Werner
Erik Wright
Lanhee Yung

Trustees Emeriti
Paul Cummins, Co-Founder
Peter Norton

Trustees in Memoriam
Charles Boxenbaum
Mel Edelstein
Shirley Garber
Allen Mink
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Elementary School: Norton Campus | 1715 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404 | Phone: (310) 828-1196
Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences provides a unique K-12 program built on a progressive, developmental model of education.