Radical Inclusion for Social Equity (RISE) Committee

The RISE committee—formerly known as the Supporting a Diverse Community (SDC) committee—was created to help Crossroads implement many of the recommendations in the Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) report.
The committee strives to promote meaningful conversations around issues of diversity and inclusion as well as take action steps to advance those goals at Crossroads. It is open to all members of the School community who are interested in supporting and improving inclusion on campus.
The committee members are:
  • Trustees: Nicole Hoegl, Nada Kirkpatrick
  • Administration: Doug Thompson
  • ES Faculty: Catherine Ramos, Jacquelyn Ayears
  • MS Faculty: Marisa Alimento, Jamy Myatt, David Stewart (co-chair)
  • US Faculty: Melissa Bowman, Rosanna Llorens, Piya Narayen (co-chair), Silvia Salazar
  • Staff: Celia Lee, Jasmin McCloud, Veronica Ulloa, Cherokee Washington ’13
  • Students: Miles Hoegl, Chloe Jacobs, Michael James
  • Parents: Eric Cazanave, Monique DeBose, Maisha Chappell, Toi Gunn, Akieva Jacobs, Ngozi Onwurah, Jessica Tuck

The RISE committee will keep the Crossroads community updated on its progress. If you are interested in joining the committee or learning more, please contact RISE committee co-chairs David Stewart at DStewart@xrds.org or Piya Narayen at PNarayen@xrds.org.
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