Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism: Strengthening our Support of a Diverse Community

Beginning in the spring of 2012, Crossroads began administering the Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM), developed by the National Association of Independent Schools. The assessment of how well Crossroads supports diversity consisted of 29 separate facilitated conversationssome of them in Spanishamong selected representatives from all constituencies in our community, as well as an online survey open to everyone. The AIM steering committee consisted of:
  • Stephanie Carrillo, Upper School History Department chair
  • Nicole Filosa, Elementary School faculty member
  • Jeff Guckert, former assistant head of school and dean of faculty
  • David Stewart, Middle School dean; and
  • Erica Warren ’95, staff member

The findings reveal that Crossroads is indeed a healthy community that is dedicated to helping one another become the best that they can be. And, our findings reveal and clarify specific areas in which we need to invest more of our resources, such as: making our school more accessible to people with physical challenges; expanding diversity of all types in the faculty, administration and student body; and ensuring that everyone feels more included at the School. Crossroads is committed to using the results of this process to effect meaningful change in our community.
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