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College Counseling

Our Mission

We are deeply committed to sustaining a culture that celebrates academic achievement of students while promoting the pursuit of their multiple passions. We strive to make a connection with each individual student. We get to know them and explore with them all of the different opportunities that exist for post-secondary life. We believe that by providing personal and individualized guidance through the college admission process, we help students develop an authentic sense of themselves: their strengths, their areas for growth and what really drives them to get up in the morning and come to school. Together, we create realistic goals so students can take advantage of all the opportunities available at Crossroads and in the community at large. We are committed to inspiring students and guiding them through the process of deciding what to study, where to study, whether or not they will even go straight to college and how to get into the right-fit college.

College Counseling

Meet the Team

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  • Art McCann

    Dean of
    College Counseling

    “A perfect day at Crossroads includes listening to music during Morning Snack, while connecting with students and faculty friends, followed by more of the same at lunch, with a little ping-pong thrown in. But that's every day. Throw in a rap battle, dodgeball, flashmob, lip sync or air guitar contest, and you’ve got evidence that there is only one Crossroads.”

    Fun Fact: I once paddled a surfboard the entire coast of New Jersey, over 200 miles, as a part of a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. It took 30 days.
  • Brianna Shepard

    Associate Dean of
    College Counseling

    “I love the community and creativity that I experience every day at Crossroads—and I am a bonafide groupie when it comes to watching Crossroads musicians perform! I also love Senior Projects, wherein students get to try something new or pursue a passion more deeply. Mostly, though, I love to see students’ dreams come to fruition.”

    Fun Fact: My son, now 29 and a proud graduate of University of Chicago, was born in England, where I lived for several years after college.
  • Kane Willis

    Associate Dean of
    College Counseling

    “I love that Crossroads students stay true to themselves and understand the beauty in being different. The students here really do embody my favorite quote and my somewhat life mantra: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

    Fun Fact: I am in the master class on both Pokémon Unite and for the Pokémon video game counselor. In Unite, I am one of the best Gardevoir mains in the world.

College Visits

Each year, we organize local college visits for the junior class. A typical college visit will include an information session with an admission officer, a tour of the campus and, whenever possible, a visit with a Crossroads alumnus who can provide a unique perspective of the school. The goal of these visits is to “teach the students to fish.” We show them large research institutions, small liberal arts colleges and medium-sized private universities, so they can begin to contemplate what might be a good fit for them.

Alumni Spotlight

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  • Ana Mancia ’15

    Anti-Domestic Violence Activist
    “[Crossroads] was an environment in which teachers truly care about you as a whole being.”

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