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Crossroads alumni follow their passions into a multitude of different fields.
On this page you’ll find profiles of alumni who represent the rich and varied paths that our students take after graduation.

List of 20 news stories.

  • J.A. Adande ’88

    Sports journalism professor
    Crossroads allowed him to develop his voice.
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  • Brian Ascalon Roley ’85

    Author and Associate Professor of English
    “I remember classes and techniques that still influence how I approach my work decades later.”
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  • DaMonique Ballou ’13

    Identity Workshop Organizer
    DaMonique’s accomplishments have roots in her Crossroads experiences as a member of the Drama Touring Company.
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  • Jamila Banks ’90

    Elementary school teacher
    She cherishes the positive encouragement she received at Crossroads to be courageous in pursuing her interests.
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  • Gabriella Barbosa ’04

    Policy Director for the Los Angeles Unified School District
    I kept getting exposed to things I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
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  • Jennifer Caloyeras ’94

    “Crossroads made me feel anything is possible. It taught me the power of creativity.”
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  • Francesca Carpanini ’12

    What she learned at Crossroads is that storytelling has a larger purpose.
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  • Robert Cisneros ’98

    Assistant inspector general, Army South
    “My Crossroads experience made me the leader I am today.”
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  • Ryan Englekirk ’90

    Baseball Umpire, Ph.D. Student at American University
    “Crossroads nurtures a respect for others who are different than you.”
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  • Nia Evans ’96

    Director of the Boston Ujima Project
    “Working with diverse groups is easy for me, and a large percentage of that is due to my Crossroads experience.”
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  • Amy Flicker Jaffe ’80

    Senior Vice President of Intensive Interventional Services, Psychotherapist
    “You’re challenged to ask questions, to disagree, to come together and strategize and brainstorm.”
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  • Shingo Francis ’88

    Visual Artist
    Several courses he took at Crossroads helped to shape his creativity and perspective.
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  • Nicole Gibbs ’10

    Professional Tennis Player
    “The number-one thing I appreciated about Crossroads is the way it allows kids who have really strong passions and talents to excel in those fields and still get a good education.”
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  • Jenelle Hall ’05

    Clinical Pharmacist in Neurology and Rheumatology
    “Crossroads creates experiences to help you think outside the box. These thought processes continue to shape my approach to patient care.”
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  • Nicole Haskins ’05

    Ballet Dancer and Choreographer
    Crossroads’ nurturing arts environment gave Nicole the confidence to become a professional dancer.
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  • Charles Haspel ’86 & Josh Namm ’86

    Tech Entrepreneurs
    Not only is Crossroads where we met; it's where we learned to set the bar high.”
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  • Leslie Hsu Freeman ’01

    Education program manager
    “I wanted to change the world in some way. Crossroads cultivated that in me.”
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  • Kevin “KK” Jackson ’82

    Teacher, Coach and Nonprofit Director
    “Just being able to do what I do every day and call it work blows my mind.”
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  • Lily Rains ’97

    Storyteller, Producer and Teacher
    “Being asked to speak our truth every week, and hear the truth of others, helped me find my voice.”
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    “I always liked being part of something bigger than myself, a group of people who come together to make something none of us could do on our own.”
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