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Crossroads alumni follow their passions into a multitude of different fields.
On this page you’ll find profiles of alumni who represent the rich and varied paths that our students take after graduation.

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  • Abbie Schiller ’90

    Producer, Writer, Wearer of Many Hats
    “I was especially excited about having the chance to question everything.”
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  • Alexa Junge ’81

    Emmy-Nominated Writer and Producer
    “I had kind of been interested in being a playwright before attending Crossroads, but my experience there really solidified it for me.
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  • Alexis Poledouris ’95

    “...I was part of a community that supported, encouraged and challenged me to find connections between the artist in me and the world around me.”
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  • Ali Jeevanjee ’93

    Life is yours to invent as you go along. It's not about following a prescribed path.”
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  • Alison Ritz ’92

    Social studies teacher
    “Open-minded, curious learners make for great teachers.”
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  • Amy Flicker Jaffe ’80

    Senior Vice President of Intensive Interventional Services, Psychotherapist
    “You’re challenged to ask questions, to disagree, to come together and strategize and brainstorm.”
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  • Ana Mancia ’15

    Anti-domestic violence activist
    “[Crossroads] was an environment in which teachers truly care about you as a whole being.”
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  • Andrée Collier Zaleska ’85

    Forest School Teacher and Homesteader
    “Crossroads was the best educational experience in my life,” she said. “I believe my basic critical thinking skills, and much of my essential creativity, were fostered there.”
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  • Anthony Chun ’89

    Animation Director
    Anthony credits his amazing teachers for promoting creative thinking and for nurturing his artistic gifts.
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  • Benjamin Salka ’95

    CEO of Story Pirates
    “Crossroads saw me for who I was and said, ‘We like what we see.’”
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  • Brian Ascalon Roley ’85

    Author and Associate Professor of English
    “I remember classes and techniques that still influence how I approach my work decades later.”
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  • Brooke Williamson ’96

    Executive Chef and Restaurateur
    Brooke is grateful to Crossroads for nurturing her artistic side while giving her a great education.
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  • Cam Johnson ’11

    Drummer, Composer and Producer
    Crossroads proved to be an important step in Cam’s musical evolution.
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  • Cami Starkman ’05

    Film Editor
    “Crossroads was fun, nurturing and challenging. It shaped who I am as a human being. There’s probably not a day that goes by that I don’t think back to some sort of Crossroads memory!”
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  • Charles Haspel ’86 & Josh Namm ’86

    Tech Entrepreneurs
    Not only is Crossroads where we met; it's where we learned to set the bar high.”
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  • Christine Lee ’16

    Music student, University of Michigan
    “Looking back, I feel I have taken the ‘road less traveled.’”
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  • Court Young ’01

    Host Homes Coordinator for LGBT Non-Profit and YOUNGBLOOD MFG Co. Founder
    “I can honestly say that my three years at Crossroads laid the foundation for my journey toward self-identity and self-love.”
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  • DaMonique Ballou ’13

    Identity Workshop Organizer
    DaMonique’s accomplishments have roots in her Crossroads experiences as a member of the Drama Touring Company.
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  • Daniel Krashen ’91

    “My time at Crossroads made me feel comfortable in my own skin.”
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  • Daniel Memmi ’15

    “There was so much creative energy among the students and Crossroads really gave us room to explore and the freedom to try new things.”
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  • Daniel Nagin ’87

    Clinical Law Professor, Veterans Advocate
    Daniel says he began to understand the importance of education at Crossroads, where he learned to think critically and value community.
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  • David Umansky ’84

    Co-Founder and CEO of Civic Builders
    “[Crossroads] was exciting, filled with people who had a passion for education. Its unconventional nature made it even more inspiring.”
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  • Donald McCleary ’79

    Life Coach
    Donald McCleary ’79 is a man who gives back. And he credits much of who he is today to his experiences— and “the beautiful people” he met— at Crossroads.
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  • Elizabeth Milch ’02

    Educator, Director of Content at Genius
    For Liz Milch, Crossroads was an inspiring, exuberant literary adventure, punctuated by Great Books and film classes.
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  • Eva Sweeney ’01

    Disability Rights Advocate
    “It is important to focus on inclusion of all people because everyone has the potential to contribute to society.”
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  • Francesca Carpanini ’12

    What she learned at Crossroads is that storytelling has a larger purpose.
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  • Gabriella Barbosa ’04

    Policy Director for the Children's Partnership
    I kept getting exposed to things I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
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  • Greg Shane ’98

    Nonprofit theater director
    “I can’t say enough about the impact Crossroads has had on my professional career.”
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  • Hiro Murai ’02

    Director and Filmmaker
    “Crossroads really fostered my love for visual art.”
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  • J.A. Adande ’88

    Sports journalism professor
    Crossroads allowed him to develop his voice.
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  • Jamila Banks ’90

    Elementary school teacher
    She cherishes the positive encouragement she received at Crossroads to be courageous in pursuing her interests.
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  • Jason Ritter ’98

    “I always liked being part of something bigger than myself, a group of people who come together to make something none of us could do on our own.”
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  • Jenelle Hall ’05

    Clinical Pharmacist in Neurology and Rheumatology
    “Crossroads creates experiences to help you think outside the box. These thought processes continue to shape my approach to patient care.”
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  • Jennifer Caloyeras ’94

    “Crossroads made me feel anything is possible. It taught me the power of creativity.”
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  • Jordan Passman ’04

    For Jordan Passman, “standing around in circles, socializing in the Alley” at Crossroads nurtured a skill set instrumental in his success as an entrepreneur.
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  • Justin Silverman ’07

    Assistant Professor at Penn State University
    I think that Crossroads fosters a good deal of rebelliousness and a good deal of creativity.

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  • Keith ’76, Tom ’79 & Josh ’85 Resnick

    Business Founders
    The brothers share a deep appreciation for the School and its impact on their lives today.
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  • Keith Weber ’76

    Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology
    “The liberal arts education, I believe, trained me to view the world in a very holistic manner.”
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  • Kelly Carlin ’81

    “Crossroads is an incredible sandbox so just jump in and play!”
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  • Kevin “KK” Jackson ’82

    Teacher, Coach and Nonprofit Director
    “Just being able to do what I do every day and call it work blows my mind.”
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  • Khaim Morton ’91

    Chief of Staff in the California Legislature
    “You’re out there, fighting the good fight, doing something that will mean something to people’s futures. That feels good.”
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  • Kyle Moss ’06

    Elementary school teacher
    “My time at Crossroads shaped some of the core values I have as an educator.”
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  • Kyle Padilla ’09

    Director, Screenwriter, Producer
    As he builds his career in a competitive field, he carries with him lessons gained at Crossroads, in particular, “knowing there are mentors you can turn to who believe in you.”
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  • Leshar McGhee ’94

    Attending Physician, Psychiatric Emergency Room
    “I really did walk around Crossroads for those four years feeling like I’d been handed a gift and should take advantage of it all before it disappeared.”
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  • Leslie Hsu Freeman ’01

    Education program manager
    “I wanted to change the world in some way. Crossroads cultivated that in me.”
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  • Liesl Erman ’77

    Symphony Harpist
    “The tremendous growth and success of Crossroads since [the] early days is such a beautiful testament to [the] original founders/dreamers.”
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  • Lily Rains ’97

    Storyteller, Producer and Teacher
    “Being asked to speak our truth every week, and hear the truth of others, helped me find my voice.”
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  • Maggie Miller ’97

    Senior Director of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
    “Crossroads instilled in me the importance of building a meaningful life and giving back, and I feel very lucky to have found a career that allows me to do both.”
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  • Marisol León ’03

    Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice Civil Rights Enforcement Section
    “The mission and values of Crossroads inform my work and relationships even now.”
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  • Maura Pally ’94

    Executive Director at the Clinton Foundation
    “Crossroads, Jim’s classes in particular, is where I learned to think critically and to write persuasively in support of an argument.”
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  • Michelle Kim ’91

    Classical Violinist
    At Crossroads, she found outstanding academics and a prestigious music department.
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  • Miguel Atwood-Ferguson ’98

    “The emphasis at Crossroads on being kind and caring about the people around you continues to be central to everything I do.”
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  • Natalie Arnoldi ’08

    Marine Biologist and Visual Artist
    “Crossroads’ equal emphasis on the arts and sciences in part enabled me to pursue simultaneous careers as a biologist and artist,” she shares.
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  • Nia K. Evans ’96

    Director of the Boston Ujima Project
    “Working with diverse groups is easy for me, and a large percentage of that is due to my Crossroads experience.”
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  • Nicole Gibbs ’10

    Professional Tennis Player
    “The number-one thing I appreciated about Crossroads is the way it allows kids who have really strong passions and talents to excel in those fields and still get a good education.”
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  • Nicole Haskins ’05

    Ballet Dancer and Choreographer
    Crossroads’ nurturing arts environment gave Nicole the confidence to become a professional dancer.
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  • Nokuthula Ngwenyama ’94

    Renowned Solo Violist and a Recording Artist
    Within what would become the Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute (EMMI), Thula found a home.
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  • Olivia Milch ’07

    “Crossroads made me feel like my voice mattered and should be heard.”
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  • Pablo Pereira ’76

    “The vast variety of subject matters taught and the freedom to try new things created a curiosity in me that continued in college, until one day, journalism just clicked.”
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  • Paola Moraga Aguilera ’00

    Banking Executive
    “Life Skills taught me so much about group work, how you interact with others, dealing with different points of view.”
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  • Phillip Golub ’11

    Composer, Performer and Advocate for Independent Music Artists
    “The Crossroads music program really shaped me. The Upper School jazz program with Evan Avery, and even Middle School jazz with Tony Hundtoft, encouraged me early on to trust my original voice and explore whatever kinds of music interested me.”
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  • Robert Cisneros ’98

    Assistant inspector general, Army South
    “My Crossroads experience made me the leader I am today.”
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  • Ryan Englekirk ’90

    Baseball Umpire, Ph.D. Student at American University
    “Crossroads nurtures a respect for others who are different than you.”
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  • Shingo Francis ’88

    Visual Artist
    Several courses he took at Crossroads helped to shape his creativity and perspective.
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  • Travon “Tra” Muhammad ’93

    Crossroads Basketball Coach and Sole Brothers Founder
    “Coming from the inner city to Crossroads taught me that there was a life outside of my neighborhood. There were things and people that I could relate to, and we could have a friendship and a kinship that was deeper than just where we came from.”
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  • Valerie Pickett ’77 & Vanessa Pickett-Flowers ’78

    “It felt exciting. It was fun and upbeat, and everyone was friendly. It was a good learning experience—motivating—and the teachers were always available to help.”
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  • Vivian Nixon Williams ’02

    “I was surrounded by creative people and an arts culture that definitely informs what I do today.”
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  • Wyatt Mills ’09

    Fine Artist
    Deciding as a senior at Crossroads that he wanted a career as a fine artist was "risky and insane."
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