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Middle and Upper School Students Compete in 2023 Latin Convention

Crossroads delegations placed fifth and seventh overall while winning multiple awards.
On March 31-April 1, Crossroads students traveled to Miramonte High School in Orinda, CA for the first State Latin Convention since the start of the pandemic. While Crossroads hosted SCRAM Day in the fall for schools in Southern California, the State Latin Convention includes both Northern and Southern California schools. Students competed in academic, athletic and artistic events, as well as chapter competitions for athletics, banner, catapult, chariot, scrapbook and spirit. The Crossroads Middle School delegation finished 5th overall and the Upper School finished 7th overall. 

Marisa Alimento, the newly appointed California Junior Classical League Scholarship Chair, awarded two $2,000 scholarships to seniors who plan to study Latin or Greek in college. Three scholarship winners prior to Marisa’s appointment have been Crossroads students—Tomas Fuchs-Lynch ’22, Hugo Budd ’19 and Casse Alimento-Miller ’18.

Middle School Chapter Awards:
3rd Place—Blaise Gardner and Tedros Yarnell

3rd Place—Ellie Becher, Leo Berghoff, Skender Laybourne and Samantha Leeds

1st Place—Coordinator and Website Designer: Orchid Winters; Service Learning Projects: Samaira Bhatia, Lilah Zwelling, Quincy Levine and Oliver Rakov

2nd Place—Coordinators: Fiona Yi and Miles Belkind; Designers: Xizi Xia, Maya Gunther and Finn Millet
2nd Place—Leo Berghoff, MacDonald Cobb, Jordan Frerichs, Armaan Hariharan, 
Skender Laybourne, Wynter Medford, Patrick Morris and Annie Slutske

1st Place—Jess Blackstone, Jolie Handler, Fletcher Harden, Enryc Rabello, Quinn Womack, Xizi Xia and Fiona Yi

1st Place—Crossroads Middle School
Middle School Individual Academic Awards:
Classical Art History
2nd Place—Samantha Leeds 
3rd Place—Armaan Hariharan and Rebeca Cordoba-King

1st Place—Fiona Yi
2nd Place—Ellerie Frandle
3rd Place—Deneya Ahmed and Gabriella Brown

Reading Comprehension
3rd Place—Jordan Frerichs

Daily Life
3rd Place—Skender Laybourne
Ancient Geography
3rd Place Tie—Judah Fox

Mottoes, Quotes & Abbreviations
3rd Place—Fiona Yi

3rd Place Tie—Alex Noble

3rd Place—Oliver Orosco

Middle School Individual Athletic Awards:
Swimming: 50-Meter Breaststroke
3rd Place—Ellerie Frandle
Swimming: 50-Meter Freestyle
3rd Place—Tedros Yarnell

Middle School Individual Arts Awards:
Black Ink & Colored Ink
2nd Place—Aldo Sanchez 

Black Pencil
1st Place—Xizi Xia

Colored Pencil
1st Place—Rebeca Cordoba-King 
2nd Place—Xizi Xia

Illustrated Quotations
1st Place—Ellie Becher
3rd Place—Macdonald Cobb

Impromptu Art
1st Place—Blaise Gardner
3rd Place—Tedros Yarnell

1st Place—Rebeca Cordoba-King 
2nd Place—Meera Carroll
3rd Place—Josie Hull

Original Poetry 
2nd Place—Quinn Womack 
3rd Place—Tedros Yarnell

Viewers’ Choice Award
Blaise Gardner
Mixed Media
1st Place—Blaise Gardner

English Slogan
1st Place—Meera Carroll

Pottery & Sculpture 
1st Place—Rebeca Cordoba-King 
2nd Place—Jolie Handler 
3rd Place—Meera Carroll

1st Place—Aldo Sanchez
2nd Place—Catalina Acevedo

Latin Slogan
3rd Place Tie—Jess Blackstone
3rd Place Tie—Gabriella Brown

Sight Latin Reading 
2nd Place Tie—Deneya Ahmed

Individual Arts Overall 
Meera Carroll and Rebeca Cordoba-King

Middle School Delegation:
Catalina Acevedo, Deneya Ahmed, May Asher, Ellie Becher, Leo Berghoff, Jess Blackstone, Gabriella Brown, Christian Carrasco, Meera Carroll, Macdonald Cobb, Rebeca Cordoba-King, Judah Fox, Ellerie Frandle, Jordan Frerichs, Blaise Gardner, Will Gershwin, Sebastian Gonzales, Olivia Hammond, Jolie Handler, Fletcher Harden, Armaan Hariharan, Josie Hull, Shilo Kashanian, Skender Laybourne, Samantha Leeds, Tahi Luke, Wynter Medford, Patrick Morris, Alex Noble, Oliver Orosco, Enryc Rabello, Aldo Sanchez, Enzo Sjoenell, Annie Slutske, Kayla Thompson, Orchid Winters, Quinn Womack, Xizi Xia, Tedros Yarnell and Fiona Yi

Middle School Sponsors:
Marisa Alimento, Moc Le Nguyen and Alison Wedding
Upper School Individual Academic Awards:
Ancient Geography (Advanced)
3rd Place—Bruno Drake

Classical Art History 
1st Place Tie—Chloe Alimento-Miller

Dramatic Interpretation Prose (Advanced)
1st Place—Gabriel Evers 

Modern Myth (9-10)
3rd Place Tie—Chloe Alimento-Miller
Reading Comprehension
1st Place—Ben Shaheen

Open Certamen 
2nd Place—Natalie Storm
3rd Place—Chloe Alimento-Miller

Open Certamen (Advanced) 
2nd Place—Bruno Drake
3rd Place—Nate Kindler

Sight Latin Reading Prose (Advanced) 
2nd Place—Bruno Drake

Upper School Individual Athletic Awards:
Swimming: Boys 50-Meter Backstroke 
3rd Place—Kai Pringle 
Swimming: Boys 50-Meter Freestyle
3rd Place—Kai Pringle 

Upper School Delegation:
Chloe Alimento-Miller, Bruno Drake, Gabe Evers, Nate Kindler, Azalia Martinez-Cruz, Nneka Moweta, Kai Pringle, Ben Shaheen and Natalie Storm

Upper School Sponsors:
Mercedes Barletta and Keegan Potter