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Middle School Students Visit the Getty Villa

Seventh graders embarked on the annual field trip as part of their Latin curriculum.
Over two days earlier this month, seventh grade Latin students visited the Getty Villa museum in Malibu. The Getty Villa docents guided students on a tour through the museum, where students examined ancient artifacts; discussed Roman history, culture and mythology; and shared their interpretations of the artwork. 

After the guided tour, students had the opportunity to visit the edible garden and to admire the koi and other small fish in the pond. They explored the beautiful outer peristyle—a covered porch that typically surrounds a garden or central courtyard—from which they sketched the garden. 

This field trip allowed students to learn about daily Roman life, history and mythology through ancient art. The Getty also gave students tickets for a future visit to the Getty Villa or Getty Center with their families. The Middle School Latin Department is looking forward to a similar field trip in April, when eighth grade Latin students will visit the Getty Center. 

The Latin Department greatly appreciates parents and faculty who joined the field trips as chaperones. The trip would not have been possible without their involvement. In addition, they’d like to thank parents, administrators and teachers for supporting the Latin program as it continues to provide enriched and interdisciplinary experiences for Middle School students!