Fifth Graders Celebrate Friendship and Growth in Moving Up Ceremony

The heartfelt event included musical performances and special remarks from each student.
On June 9, fifth graders celebrated their achievements as Elementary Schoolers during their Moving Up Ceremony—an annual tradition that allows students to reflect on their favorite memories during their time in the division, including participating in volleyball and basketball, acting in “Hamlet,” drawing in art class and visiting Dodger Stadium.

Each student wrote and recited a personal speech in front of an audience of parents, guardians, friends and Crossroads’ faculty and staff. Addy Noyer described how her experience at Crossroads allowed her to take pride in being herself. “At my old school, I felt like I had to act like someone I wasn’t,” said Addy. “I agreed to what other people said and I tried not to stand out. But ever since I joined Crossroads in the fourth grade, I let those thoughts and feelings out. I have Crossroads to thank me for making me feel as if being myself is the best gift ever.”

Another student reflected on how new friendships grew and existing relationships grew stronger, even when attending virtual classes alongside her peers during the pandemic. “I will always remember the friends I’ve had since the beginning of Elementary School,” said Ava Glickman. “They’ve impacted me and made me who I am today. Things will happen and things will change, but the most important things will stay the same.”

Students performed two songs during the ceremony, “Count On Me” and “Movin’ On Up” before Interim Head of Elementary School Sasha Moore took the stage to deliver closing remarks that addressed the particular challenges that these rising sixth graders have had to overcome. “You are a class of resilience,” said Sasha. “You have been asked to adapt over and over. Your experience has made you stronger, more flexible and better prepared for the future. You’ve left a lasting impression on our hearts. You’ll always be a part of our family.“ 

Congratulations to the Class of 2029 on moving up to Middle School!