French Students Absorb Crossroads Culture on Exchange Visit

World Languages program builds bridges between students, countries.
A group of French students from Lycée Victor Duruy in Paris spent time at Crossroads this fall as part of a fulfilling exchange program arranged by Crossroads’ World Languages Department.
The foreign-exchange students shadowed their Upper School peers, played French rap music on the Alley speakers at snack time and improvised a friendly soccer game in front of the Science Education & Research Facility. They even had a chance to experience Alleyween.
They spent enough time at Crossroads to make insightful observations about the School’s unique culture:
“There is a stronger sense of community here,” Fanny says.
“[Life Skills] is amazing,” Anastasia says. “You can cry—which I did—and no one will judge you for it.”
“There are much more artistic options at Crossroads,” Leo says.
“It looks like students like to go to school,” Aurelien says.
The French students’ visit was the second leg of the exchange, which enabled 17 Crossroads students to spend 10 days in Paris this past June with faculty chaperones Armelle Courcelle-Labrousse and Guy Vandenbroucke.
“We strongly believe that a linguistic and cultural school exchange is an ideal opportunity for students to immerse themselves in another language and make lasting relationships with peers and their families from a different culture,” Guy says. “It’s an invaluable and fun experience that will help them solidify their knowledge of the language as well as encourage them to apply in real life what they learn in the classroom.”