Alumni Profiles

Keith ’76, Tom ’79 & Josh ’85 Resnick

The brothers share a deep appreciation for the School and its impact on their lives today.
Between 1973 and 1985, at least one of the three Resnick brothers called himself a Roadrunner. Keith ’76 began his Crossroads career in 1973 as a 10th grader. Tom ’79 followed in Keith's footsteps, enrolling as a 10th grader in 1976. Finally, Josh ’85 started as a seventh grader in 1978. The brothers share a deep appreciation for the School and its impact on their lives today.

“The School’s focus on community involvement seemed unique at the time and really helped shape the person I am today,” reflects Keith, father of three and co-founder and executive director of the Lili Claire Foundation. Named after his daughter who was born with Williams syndrome, the Lili Claire Foundation offers programs and services to children living with neurogenic birth conditions and their families.

Tom likewise attributes his “sense of service” to his “eye-opening” experience at Crossroads. At the School, he reflects, “I gained a lot of self confidence [in] my abilities.” After working in several industries, Tom most recently founded the tax preparation service The Tax Fanatic and obtained his enrolled agent license. He lives in Las Vegas with his four children.

A parent of three Crossroads alumni, Josh adds, “Crossroads taught me to be a very disciplined student.
I was also always encouraged and rewarded for taking creative risks. This definitely played a role in my later entrepreneurial endeavors by giving me the tools and confidence I needed to manage complex businesses in creative fields.” Josh currently runs a family investment office called Pure Imagination Brands. He previously founded the video game company Pandemic Studios and the gourmet candy company Sugarfina.

The Resnick brothers also share an appreciation for the friendships they made at Crossroads. Tom describes his classmates as “wild and uniquely individual,” adding it “didn’t take long to fit in.”

Josh shares, “Friends I met at Crossroads continue to be my best friends today.”

As Keith remembers, “My classmates were fun, accepting and rebellious. We knew we were having an experimental educational experience that most other kids were missing out on, and we took full advantage.”