Alumni Profiles

Christine Lee ’16

“Looking back, I feel I have taken the ‘road less traveled.’”
Currently a junior at the University of Michigan, Christine Lee ’16 leads a busy life.

While at Crossroads, Christine was a proud member of the Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute (EMMI), and music continues to influence her path. She went to Michigan to study with renowned violin professor Danielle Belen. “Between practicing, lessons, technique classes and performances, I hope to soon gain some private students here in Ann Arbor, as I have in Los Angeles,” Christine says.

This past summer, she studied violin during the Center Stage Strings music festival in Ann Arbor and had the opportunity to have lunch with Belen, music teachers Nancy Eldridge and Caroline Coade, Crossroads parent Sarah Mandell and several other students. “We had a lovely time,” Christine says. “It was around then I learned that I would be loaned an Enrico Ceruti violin, circa 1865, from the Mandell Collection of Southern California. My family and I are so appreciative that the Mandells not only strengthened my musical studies in EMMI, but they are also further supporting and guiding my violin studies while I am 1,500 miles away!”

At Michigan, Christine has loved her academic experience. “I have recently been accepted into the University of Michigan’s writing minor program,” she says. “Through this minor, I hope to further my English studies and refine my writing skills.” She is distinguishing herself academically as well as musically. She was recently recognized as a James B. Angell Scholar for maintaining a 4.0 grade point average during her time at Michigan.

Christine is enjoying Ann Arbor and can’t believe how fast time flies. “It was my junior year of high school when I joined the Crossroads family, and I have come a long way since,” she says. “I was blessed with my time at Crossroads. I not only matured academically, but I was also properly guided by EMMI’s music education and performances. My stay at the International House prepared me to transition very smoothly from high school into college. Looking back, I feel I have taken the ‘road less traveled.’”

This year, Christine hopes to perform a junior solo recital. She also plans to continue assisting current EMMI students over the summer, which she has done the last two years.