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Second Annual Stress Less Week Provides Space for Self-Care

The week of programming was open to students, faculty, staff and parents.
Recently, the School hosted its second ever Stress Less Week, encouraging the entire Crossroads community to reduce stress and practice self care through activities planned across all three divisions as well as for faculty, staff, parents and guardians. 

Stress Less Week originated last year to address the increased need for community connection and rejuvenation after an extended period of coping with the pandemic. The tremendously positive response from students and community members prompted the School to make the week an annual tradition. 

This year, students at the Elementary School celebrated with a Pajama Day on Norton Campus. All three divisions participated in meditation sound baths and Middle and Upper School students engaged in art therapy sessions, hosted by parent artist Claudia Perea P’22, P’26. The co-leaders of the psychology club, juniors Mila Diez Barroso and Nola Saulny, led a relaxing watercolor workshop and hosted a journaling and meditation event with prompts that helped students de-stress and unwind. In addition, Upper Schoolers students, faculty and staff stopped by Tenzing to play with rescue dogs from Pups Without Borders during breaks between classes.
Employees enjoyed chair massages and healthy snacks in the faculty lounge, including a fruit cart featuring an assortment of fresh produce. After school, employees made silk scarves using water marbling techniques and took a hip-hop class led by dance fitness instructor Manu Fernandez Barrio, Interim Head of School Mariama Richards and Head of Elementary School Stacey Koff. 
In the evenings, parents also enjoyed the scarf-making workshop as well as yoga and ceramics classes. The week culminated in an Upper School Color Clash, with each grade-level dressing up in a specific color and competing in summer camp-style activities, including dodge ball, musical chairs, limbo, a water balloon toss and tug-o-war. 
“Color Clash was the epitome of joy and energy in the Alley,” said Head of Upper School Anthony Locke. “It really works really well with Stress Less Week, which is really an idea centered around how we can prioritize community wellness. Such a huge part of wellness is joy, so for Color Clash to be the culminating event? It was just such a joyful day of fun and laughter.”