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Artwork by Crossroads Faculty on Display at Sam Francis Gallery

The exhibit runs through Oct. 7.
Every day, Crossroads visual arts faculty members nourish and support the creative lives of students. In addition to being wonderful teachers, they are also working artists, with their own practices, skills and areas of interest. The Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition at the Sam Francis Gallery showcases the work of our K-12 visual arts faculty and underscores their impressive and diverse talents.

The show includes works by Susan Arena, Melissa Bouwman, Akemi Maruki, Janice Gomez, Monica Hannush, Molly Hansen, Vincent Ramos, Jesse Robinson, Leslie Rosdol, Vernon Salyers and Carly Steward. It’s a lively mix of media and styles that reflects the range of perspectives and personalities in this group. 
Janice Gomez, a Middle School visual arts teacher & coordinator, Upper School visual arts teacher and director of the Sam Francis Gallery, organized the exhibition. “Crossroads’ teaching artists bring their extensive knowledge, experience and passion from their practice into the classroom,” she says. “Each teacher has their own art practice, and each brings a creative voice to the department.” 

Students attending the exhibition’s opening reception on Sept. 7 were curious and excited to see their teachers’ work. Members of Vernon Saylers’ after-school figure drawing class clustered in front of his drawings, admiring their elegance. “It’s cool to see what our teachers are doing outside of school,” said 10th grader Avery Greenberg. “It’s interesting to think about how the things we talk about in our critiques can be seen in their work.”

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Gallery Address: 
Sam Francis Gallery 
Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre 
Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences 
1714 21st St. 
Santa Monica, CA 90404 
Gallery Hours: 
Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm, by appointment
During normal gallery hours, we ask that you make a reservation in advance by clicking here. Visitors must check in with security.