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"A Kaleidoscope of Great Works” Shows Off Talents of Alumni and Faculty Artists

Crossroads artists participate in an exhibition to honor the school’s 50th anniversary.
Paintings, sculptures, photography and more were on display at Crossroads School’s Alumni and Faculty Arts Exhibition as part of the School’s yearlong 50th anniversary celebration. The curated show was held at the Charles Arnoldi Studio in Venice on April 30 and May 1. 

An advisory committee was established to oversee this momentous undertaking. It included independent curator Cassandra Coblentz ‘92, artist Shingo Francis ‘88, Emma Gray, current parent, artist, curator and gallerist and Pam Posey, a former visual arts teacher, curator and artist. More than 250 members of the Crossroads community attended the event, which was organized by Director of Alumni Relations Jennifer Gerber ’97 and 50th Anniversary Coordinator Sonoma Van Brunt-Leyhe.

At a special reception for the artists held on April 30, Crossroads co-founder and first headmaster Paul Cummins remarked on how impressive it was that such an accomplished group of artists emerged from Crossroads over the years. Fahren Feingold, ‘98, a participating artist who helped to plan the event, believes it stems from how the School approaches art education. She explains, “From the first, it fostered my creativity and gave me space to explore different mediums, projects and platforms, which is crucial for building a love of art.” Shingo Francis concurred and shared that at Crossroads, “I had the freedom to explore and was entrusted with my own imagination. I got to say, ‘This is who I am, and this is how I want to express myself.’”

Pam Posey credits Crossroads’ success with the fact that “the teachers are working artists. They can communicate with the students on both a personal and professional level because they're constantly figuring out their art the way their students are.” 

The exhibit comprised a stunning collection of drawings, photography, print, paintings, three-dimensional, mixed media and advanced technology/digital. “I enjoyed seeing the work of so many former students,” beamed Pam. “I’m so proud of them.” 

The show’s title was inspired by the School’s 50th anniversary logo, which reimagines the Crossroads X  as light reflected through a kaleidoscope: a  vivid, ever-changing interplay of art and science. Noted Sonoma, “It’s fitting to include ‘kaleidoscope’ in the title of the exhibition, as it literally means ‘observer of beautiful forms,’ derived from the Greek words kalos (beautiful) and eidos (shape).”  

To view the exhibition and learn more about the artists, click here.