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Class of 2024 Bids Farewell to Middle School

Virtual Moving Up Ceremony honors eighth graders’ achievements.
Best friends, beloved teachers, kayaking on an Environmental and Outdoor Education excursion and yummy egg scrambles in the Alley. These were just a few of the many Middle School memories fondly recalled in the eighth graders’ Moving Up Ceremony Tuesday afternoon on Zoom. Unable to celebrate in person, the Middle School took advantage of the digital platform to highlight the voice of each student in the Class of 2024.
To begin the ceremony, the traditional processional “Pomp and Circumstance” accompanied a video of photos of the eighth graders. Head of School Bob Riddle then welcomed the Class of 2024 and their families and thanked teachers, staff and administrators of the Middle School.
Kai Pringle delivered the first of two student speeches. “We’ve demonstrated an astronomical amount of flexibility and the ability to rise up and triumph over adversity,” Kai acknowledged. “And I think we need to remember just how special each and every one us is and to keep doing our best for whatever other special things are to come our way in the future.”
The second student speaker, Cali O’Donovan, likewise emphasized how Crossroads has prepared the class for unexpected challenges. She reflected, “Never in my life have I found people so interested in what I have to say and so encouraging of my independent thought process.”
Upper School Student Council Co-Presidents Lila Grayson and Georgia Kennedy-Bailey welcomed the class to the next chapter of their Crossroads career. Then, Head of Middle School Michelle Merson and Assistant Head/Eighth-Grade Dean David Stewart wished the class well on their future endeavors.
“Your class is uniquely positioned to truly affirm and elevate the types of values that we’ll need moving forward in order to build a sustainable future,” remarked Eighth-Grade Core Teacher Julian Laurent in the customary “One Last Word” address. “Collaboration, innovation, optimism—things I’m happy and excited to see how you’ll champion in your high school careers.”