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College Scholarship to Prioritize Crossroads Graduates

Crossroads parents establish Luce-Fahey Scholarship Fund at UCLA.
In November, UCLA announced a new scholarship that would benefit Los Angeles County high school students, prioritizing graduates of Crossroads: the Luce-Fahey Scholarship. Crossroads parents Sean Fahey and Robin Luce Fahey donated $750,000 to UCLA, which was matched with $375,000 from the university’s Chancellor’s Centennial Scholars Match Initiative, to establish the $1.125 million scholarship fund.
“Education has always been a substantive focus of ours, and doing our second fund at UCLA (Robin’s alma mater) after having done our first one at Duke (mine) years ago was always in our plans,” says Sean. “The events of this year simply motivated us to get it set up ASAP as the needs are acute.”
In addition to providing aid to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fund serves to draw talented students of all socioeconomic backgrounds in the LA area, particularly those who graduate from Crossroads, to one of the nation’s top public institutions.
“It also seems that the COVID-era will usher in a need for students to want to be closer to home,” adds Sean. “So the LA/Crossroads-UCLA connection seems like it will be growing in importance in the near future.”
As parents in the Crossroads community, Sean and Robin have seen firsthand the benefits of the School’s core commitments to academic excellence and to a socio-economically diverse student population. Their desire to help offer those same opportunities at the undergraduate level was a determining factor in their philanthropy.
“Simply put, our children are lucky enough to attend Crossroads, so we have been able to appreciate all the School and its students have to offer,” explains Sean. “We wanted to help graduating Crossroads students in their college aspirations should they choose to pursue UCLA.”
Interested students can apply via UCLA’s scholarship portal through its Financial Aid Office; a completed FAFSA or Dream Act Application must also be submitted by March 2 of the year of enrollment.