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The purpose of the Parent Association is to provide the school community with a supportive and inclusive organization that welcomes all parents and coordinates events, projects and activities. It supports the School’s fundraising efforts, which include the Crossroads Fund and the K-12 Spring Fundraiser. These are all made possible by the volunteer efforts of hundreds of parents.

Every parent is automatically a member of the Parent Association. The Parent Association invites parents to become involved in an open and connected community that embodies the school philosophy. All parents are encouraged to choose ways to participate that correspond to their interests and availability, and are in concert with the needs and goals of the School.

The effectiveness of the Parent Association is directly proportionate to the involvement of every parent. The close working relationship of administration and faculty with the Parent Association is a unique strength that unites students, parents, and the School in a bond that enhances all three.  In great measure Crossroads has grown and flourished because of the vision, leadership, and commitment of its parent volunteers.

Parent Involvement Opportunities at Crossroads

All parents are encouraged to engage in the life of our school through a variety of opportunities, including:
  • as volunteers, working hands-on to help coordinate events and activities;

  • as participants in educational programs such as parent education evenings and morning chats, Crossroads K-12 Parent Councils (which touch on social justice issues such as values and materialism, gender stereotyping, and cultural identity), parent days, back-to-school nights and grade level coffees;
  • purely social activities such as dinners, barbecues, picnics and potlucks.

Parent Association volunteer opportunities vary from division to division as developmentally appropriate for the needs of the students. In the Elementary School, there are opportunities for parents to work in the classrooms, library, art room, serving school lunch and much more. In the Middle and Upper Schools, parents have the opportunity to serve as Grade Level Representatives, help with hospitality for a variety of events, or support faculty through the various "Friends of" committees (Athletics, Classical Languages, Community Service, Dance, Drama, Library, Music, or Science). The Good Neighbor committees provide support to Crossroads families during times of illness or other crisis. Parent Association leadership positions include presidents and vice-presidents for each division who meet weekly with school administrators, and co-chairs for major annual events such as the fall Welcome-Back-To-School Alley Party and the spring fundraiser*.

Whether a parent bakes cookies for an event, participates on a committee, or serves as president for an entire year, all levels of volunteerism are appreciated at Crossroads.

For more information about the Parent Association, please contact Mery Grace Castelo, Constituent Relations Manager at 310.829.7391 ext. 514 or mcastelo@xrds.org.

*Please note that Crossroads does not hold holiday boutiques or sales. Our Parent Association fundraising is consolidated into the annual spring event which includes a raffle and auction. If you are interested in making a donation to the event, please contact Mery Grace.

Current Parents

Current parents can click here to access the Parent Association pages for more information.

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