During their three years in Middle School, students experience, endure, and enjoy unparalleled physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. This transitional period provides students with important opportunities for new experiences, increased freedom, and greater personal responsibility.

At Crossroads Middle School, students engage in their school experience with gusto, vitality, honesty, happiness, trust, and freedom. Students are enthusiastic about their experience, truly enjoy coming to school, and are hungry for more!

Students learn to express themselves in new and meaningful ways. They discover new ideas through literature, experimentation, problem solving, and discussion. All the while, they enjoy the increasingly important and vital role of their friends and the social milieu of the learning community in general. These are years during which students crave success and acknowledgement for their intellectual, athletic, artistic, dramatic and musical effort. Supportive feedback from adults is a hallmark of our Middle School, where the educational environment honors process as well as product, and creates cooperative and collaborative learning situations for the students.

Our Middle School faculty is a highly dedicated group of professional, experienced and enthusiastic teachers who understand, appreciate, and “get” this age group. Aware of the developmental needs of their students, teachers anticipate their academic, social, and emotional challenges and work cooperatively, honestly, directly, and supportively to achieve our objectives. Students receive the structural and instructional clarity needed to be stretched academically, physically, artistically, and emotionally. Thoughtful, thorough, and frequent assignments and assessments give faculty the authority to evaluate student progress accurately and to help assure their readiness for the next level of study. Frequent communication with parents further supports student progress.

New ideas, challenges, opportunities, risks, fears, and experiences all contribute to the richness of these years. Within a tightly structured daily schedule, we work diligently to instill in our students self-confidence, responsibility, and ownership of their most important endeavor: their educational journey.

Michelle Merson
Director of the Middle School
    • Michelle Merson, Director of the Middle School

      Michelle Merson, Director of the Middle School

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