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Community Offerings

In support of Crossroads’ founding commitment to the greater community, the School makes available to the public an abundance of enriching arts exhibits, concerts and other performances.

Visual and Performing Arts Events

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  • Art Exhibits

    Sam Francis Gallery, located in the Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre at Crossroads, is dedicated to displaying student art and to presenting cutting-edge exhibitions of work by locally and nationally renowned artists. Public receptions are held in the gallery throughout the school year. Click here for more information about the gallery and its exhibitions.
  • Dance Performances

    Crossroads K-12 Dance presents on-campus shows featuring Elementary, Middle and Upper School students throughout the school year. These performances highlight guest artists’ work as well as teacher-generated choreography and student-created dances. In addition, students periodically travel to local community venues (children’s dance festivals, senior homes, farmers markets, etc.) to perform.
  • Theater Performances

    Crossroads Theatre hosts a variety of student productions each school year, including plays, musicals, classical theater, improvisational shows and original performances. Many of these stage productions are open to the public. Visit our Box Office page to find more information about upcoming shows and to purchase tickets.
  • Music Concerts

    Crossroads proudly presents a yearly schedule of concerts featuring our gifted music students. Performances and recitals highlight musicians from Crossroads’ Elizabeth Mandell Music Institute (EMMI) as well as from a variety of Elementary, Middle and Upper School ensembles. Listen to Sounds of the ’Roads, an album of recorded works by Crossroads students, by clicking here.
  • Vocal Concerts

    Crossroads’ choral program offers concerts by the Upper School’s 21st Street Singers and the Middle School’s Overtones, with group performances and solo vocal shows organized throughout the school year. In addition, the Adult Chorus provides opportunities for members of the Crossroads community to sing and perform together.

Other Programs Open to the Public

Crossroads also offers after-school courses and summer programming to children in the greater community.

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  • Adult Chorus

    The Adult Chorus is a mixed-voice ensemble consisting entirely of members of our community. Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience with music or choral singing. Click here to learn more.
  • Wave Runners

    Stroke development and advanced swim conditioning classes are available through the Wave Runners aquatics program, which is open to Crossroads students and children in the community throughout the year. Click here for more information and to enroll.
  • Summer at Crossroads

    Summer at Crossroads offers a variety of courses as unique as the School’s regular programs. Students are challenged to develop skills, to enjoy learning, and to grow in areas of special interest while having fun with their peers. These programs are open to the public and there is no formal admission process beyond registration.

Join Us for an Event

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  • Sep

    First Day: Alumni Exhibition

    Sam Francis Gallery
  • Sep

    US - Solo EMMI Recital

    Roth Hall
  • Oct

    Group Exhibition Opens

    Sam Francis Gallery
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