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Please enjoy some of our finest musical moments at Crossroads as you peruse the tracks below.
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    • Music by Luca Mendoza; Soloists: Luca Mendoza, Leo Yablans

    • Music by Luca Mendoza; Soloist: Luca Mendoza; Strings arranged by Luca Mendoza; conducted by Alex Treger; Performed by the Jazz “A” Band and the Crossroads EMMI Chamber Orchestra

    • Music by Alec Schulman; Soloists: Leo Yablans, Alec Schulman

    • Music by Anna Abondolo; Soloists: Anna Abondolo, Luca Mendoza

    • Music by Leo Yablans; Soloists: Leo Yablans, Luca Mendoza

    • Music by Josh Hayes; Soloists: Josh Hayes, Anna Abondolo, Luca Mendoza, Stone La Velle

    • Music by Charlie Parker; Soloists: Leo Major, Will Kissinger, Lucas Wurman, Josh Stretten-Carlson

    • Music by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr.; As performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears; Vocalist: Lucas Wurman; Soloists: Leo Major, Taera Kang, Caleb Boren; Guest horns: Ethan Avery and Evan Avery, trumpet; Leo Yablans, tenor saxophone

    • Music by Nico Gordon; Soloists: Nico Gordon, Ethan Finkel, Josh Stretten-Carlson

    • Music by Bronislaw Kaper; Soloists: Josh Lipp, Stanford Fram, Miles Hoegl, Emilio Anamos, Stefan Fayman, Will Royce

    • Music by Lyle Mays; Soloists: Arlo Henrikson, Ellery Harper, Reed Wilson

    • Music and lyrics by John Lennon and Paul McCartney; Arranged by Jarod P. Sheahan

    • Music by Eric Whitacre; Lyrics by Edward Esch

    • Music and lyrics by Ronnie Shannon; Vocalist: Jade Duncan-Rogosin; Lead guitar: Jacob Winthrop

    • Music and lyrics by Amy Winehouse; Vocalist: Sophie Baron; Lead guitar: Jack Hohnen-Weber

    • Music by Herbie Hancock and the Ohio Players; Arranged by Evan Avery and Tony Hundtoft; Guitar solo 1: Noah Treiman; Guitar solo 2: Adi Thein-Sandler; Keyboard solo: Luca Ferrario

    • Music and lyrics by Bob Weir; Vocals: Jack Hohnen-Weber; Guitar solo 1: Noah Treiman; Guitar solo 2: Adi Thein-Sandler

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