Charitable Giving FAQs

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Why does Crossroads ask for donations?

    A: Crossroads is a non-profit school governed by an independent board of trustees. We set tuition at less than the full cost of educating each student; the charitable gifts help bridge this difference. Tuition income, charitable annual contributions and modest interest income from the School’s endowment make up the yearly operating budget. Gifts provide the excellence in programming that is the hallmark of a Crossroads education.
  • Q: What is the Annual Fund?

    A: The Annual Fund is the School’s annual—and most important—fundraising initiative. The Annual Fund relieves the current-year operating budget, which includes the cost of attracting and retaining the best teachers, offering excellent academic and extracurricular programs, and equipping and maintaining our facilities beyond what tuition alone could provide.
  • Q: Who gives to the Annual Fund?

    A: Each year, parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty and staff, trustees, foundations, parents of alumni, and friends make charitable gifts to the Annual Fund. We hope that all Crossroads families will make the School one of their highest philanthropic priorities both while they are part of the community and beyond.
  • Q: Why not raise tuition to cover the cost of the education?

    A: Approximately 90% of Crossroads income comes from tuition, with the most significant remainder provided by donations to the Annual Fund. Unlike tuition, contributions to the School are tax deductible. Without this charitable support, Crossroads would not be able to maintain top-quality programs and faculty.
  • Q: How and when can I give?

    A: Gifts to Crossroads can be made by cash, check, credit card, wire transfer or stock. Online gifts can be made on our secure online site. Donors may pledge to the Annual Fund at any time and pay the pledge by the end of the fiscal year, which ends on June 30.
  • Q: How much should we give?

    A: All donors are asked to give as generously as they are able commensurate with each family’s circumstances. Gifts to the Annual Fund range from $5 to $50,000. Gifts of all amounts are gratefully appreciated. High levels of participation in Crossroads’ fundraising appeals demonstrate community support.  
  • Q: Does Crossroads accept matching gifts?

    A: Absolutely. Crossroads is grateful to the many corporations that support the School through generous matching gift programs. This kind of corporate support makes a significant contribution to Crossroads as it can double or triple the size of your gift. Click here to find out if your employer has a matching gifts program.
  • Q: What’s the difference between the Annual Fund and the PA Fundraiser?

    A: The Annual Fund and the PA Fundraiser serve different purposes. The Annual Fund is the School’s highest fundraising priority. Without the Annual Fund, Crossroads would be forced to make difficult decisions regarding teacher hiring, academic and extracurricular programming, and equipping our facilities. The PA Fundraiser takes place every year and is a major community building event. Sponsorship helps to underwrite the expenses of the event and allows us to keep the admission price low. Additionally, proceeds from this annual event provide much needed budgeted support for general operating expenses, the Tuition Reduction Fund, as well as faculty professional development. It also supports the Crossroads Community Outreach Foundation’s PS Science and St. Anne’s Music programs.
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