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Tuition Reduction Fund (TRF)

At Crossroads, one of our founding commitments is to develop and sustain a student population of racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity.  Having a diverse, dynamic student body enables Crossroads to achieve its core commitment to academic excellence. We do not want the full cost of tuition to be a deterrent for any family who feels their child would thrive at Crossroads.
In support of this commitment, our Tuition Reduction Fund (TRF) program provides assistance so that all students may have access to a Crossroads education. In the 2016-17 school year, we allocated over $8 million in tuition assistance to at least one in four of our students representing a broad spectrum of financial circumstances. Allocations from the fund ranged from $1,000 to the full cost of the tuition.
It is our goal to make a Crossroads education affordable to as many families as possible and to ensure that the process of allocating funds is fair and equitable. If you have any questions about the TRF application process or program, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office.
Important TRF Guidelines
  1. All TRF applicant families must complete all application steps on time to be fully considered for TRF awards should they be offered admission to Crossroads. Incomplete TRF applications cannot be considered.

  2. If you are applying for multiple children, you need to list all children on the PFS, but only submit one PFS per household.

  3. In the case of divorced or separated parents, both biological parents or appropriate guardians should contribute to the cost of educating their child. Non-custodial parents who have a relationship with their child are required to participate in the TRF application process by submitting all required materials.

Crossroads School offers open enrollment based on application and admits all students to the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. The School does not discriminate on the basis of color, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, or religion or creed, in the administration of its educational policies, financial aid programs, or athletic and other school-administered programs. Crossroads seeks students with a range and depth of interests and talents. In addition, the school seeks to provide classes which balance boy/girl ratios, ethnic and socio-economic diversity, and heterogeneity in skills.


  1. Indicate Interest on Admissions Application:
    Please select the box on the Admissions Application in Ravenna HUB that indicates your interest in TRF. This will ensure you receive important communications regarding TRF steps, events and deadlines.

  2. Submit Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and 2015 Tax Return:
    All families seeking aid must complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) for the applicant child(ren) and upload your complete 2015 Federal Tax Return (with all schedules) to the School and Student Services website by January 12, 2017. The Crossroads School code for the PFS is 2676.

  3. Upload 2016 Tax Return:
    Your complete 2016 Federal Tax Return (with all schedules) must be uploaded by February 8, 2017.
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