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ES Creative Dance and Movement

In kindergarten and first grade, students experience our creative dance program.
The creative dance curriculum teaches students to understand and value their bodies in action, strengthens the connection between body and mind, and increases self-esteem, kinesthetic awareness, and social skills. In groups, pairs and alone, the students explore movement concepts (e.g. level, speed, pathway, direction, beat, rhythm) and increase the range of their movement vocabulary over the course of the year. They also increase their ability to vary, control and direct the force and energy (or quality) of their movements. They use improvisation to discover new and original movement possibilities based on specific tasks (e.g. create five types of circular movement), work with peers to solve dance problems (e.g. design three shapes—high, medium, and low), and are able to create short movement sequences with a beginning, middle and end. Special dance projects connect to learning in other subjects.  The children respond in movement to a variety of different stimuli, including music, books, pictures, rhymes, fabrics, and props.  They frequently assess what they have learned through group discussions and journaling about their experiences watching and performing movement.

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