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ES Drama

In second through fifth grade, students experience our drama program.

"We are most fully human when we play."

The above statement reflects the single most important philosophy in drama class. Children are encouraged to play, sometimes based on stories or themes narrated or suggested by the teacher, sometimes based on their own ideas, experiences, or whims. Although acting exercises and concepts are used extensively, the program is as much about life skills as it is about theatre.  While students are learning how to use their "selves"(their voices, bodies, minds, and hearts) to express emotions, ideas, and stories, they are also learning about awareness, respect, trust, observation, specificity, perspective/point of view, and how to communicate honestly, clearly, and openly with each other. The skills of drama (being heard, sharing focus, playing actions, performing mime and movement, and understanding story structure) are assimilated and developed through scene work and gently taught through exercises that become more complex as children move through the grade levels.

The overall goal of the Crossroads drama program is to teach children to feel comfortable in the public self-expression of their feelings and ideas. Children learn to communicate through voice and movement, to take creative risks, and to appreciate the many varied forms of drama that appear in their lives—plays, movies, parades, pageants, or classroom debates.

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