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Crossroads Welcomes Back Students

Opening convocations are held at the Norton and 21st Street Campus.
“Welcome back,” Head of School Bob Riddle said to returning students in his Friday address on the 21st Street Campus. To new students, he issued the warm words, “Welcome to your new home."

The end of the first week of the 2019-20 school year was capped off with celebratory orientations on both campuses. At the Elementary School’s first Friday Gathering of the year, Crossroads’ youngest learners and their families enjoyed the traditional candle-lighting ceremony and sing-a-long, followed by a music video of Elementary School teachers and staff dancing and lip-synching to the Black Eyed Peas’ anthem to kindness, “Be Nice."

Explained Elementary Head of School Debbie Wei in her address, “We thought really long and hard about what embodies who we are as a community. And the biggest message we have is that we’re all nice. And we all want all of you to be nice.”

On the 21st Street Campus basketball court, Middle and Upper Schoolers gathered together, cheering on denim-clad seniors as they strolled, strutted and sashayed down the aisles to take their places on the podium. Bob’s opening remarks were followed by a speech by senior class presidents Sophie Himmel and Kai McAliley, who welcomed sixth graders to their new campus and encouraged everyone to reach out beyond their own grades to connect with someone new.