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Crossroads Unveils Strategic Plan

The ambitious plan will serve as the School’s “North Star.”
After several years of deep self-reflection and the participation of individuals from all across the Crossroads community, the School has unveiled its 2019 Strategic Plan. Representing “one school, one community, one vision,” the 15-point plan underscores the School’s highest priorities. These include cultivating a consistent culture of learning and continuous improvement; fortifying our Equity & Justice program; and developing a new performing arts facility on the 21st Street Campus.

As Head of School Bob Riddle explains in the plan’s introduction, “Serving as our North Star, the strategic plan will guide Crossroads in our efforts to improve, to grow and to guarantee the School’s long-term sustainability. ... The School’s plans to enhance the student experience, expand our presence in Los Angeles and beyond and ensure our future success reflect our steadfast dedication to our founding commitments.”
Overseen by the research and planning firm Ian Symmonds & Associates, the plan was created with input from the entire Crossroads community. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee and six subcommittee work groups—comprised of administrators, faculty and staff, parents, students, alumni and Trustees—created a strong and effective planning process and identified the goals that are reflected in the strategic plan.
Bob first shared the plan with faculty and staff on Jan. 31, and then in a presentation to the wider Crossroads community on Feb. 6.
Crossroads parent Kevin Neustadt attended the Feb. 6 presentation and was impressed with how well the plan reflected the School’s values, “the sense of community and belonging.”
“Everything I saw in the presentation dovetailed into that,” Kevin says. “Particularly the way Bob described the new performing arts center. He explained that it would be interdisciplinary, with different students learning from each other and creating together. That’s really what Crossroads is all about.”

To read the strategic plan in its entirety, click here.