Five Commitments. Boundless Impact.
For over 50 years, gifts from our community have enabled us to provide students with an uncommonly joyful and transformative education rooted in the School’s five founding commitments.

Donations to the Crossroads Fund make up nearly 9% of the School’s operating budget and benefit all students along every step of their educational journey.

Crossroads Fund

What are you committed to?
This year, we invite you to designate your Crossroads Fund gift to the School priority that speaks most to you.

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  • Academic Excellence

    Academic Excellence

    There’s a reason our graduates are leaders in fields including technology, social justice advocacy, education and the arts, to name just a few. Crossroads’ challenging and inspiring curricula encourage students to question the status quo and synthesize ideas across disciplines, preparing them to excel in college and beyond.

    Commit to Academic Excellence to support innovation in subjects ranging from science to social studies, engineering to English. Your gift also supports the salaries of our exceptional teachers, compensated in the 90th percentile among peer schools.
    Support Academic Excellence
  • The Arts

    The Arts

    The School offers courses and extracurricular programming of striking breadth and depth in the visual and performing arts. Our robust arts education allows students of all interest levels to tap into their inherent creativity and learn how to turn their vision into a reality.

    Commit to the Arts to support opportunities for student expression in drama, dance, music, filmmaking, graphic design, painting, ceramics, photography and much more.
    Support the Arts
  • The Greater Community

    The Greater Community

    Civic responsibility has always been a cornerstone of the Crossroads philosophy. Students are taught to be agents of change and to speak out against injustice and inequality. Our graduates leave Crossroads prepared and empowered to lead lives of meaning and service to others.

    Commit to the Greater Community to support our Service Learning and Community Service programs, the Equity & Justice Institute, student-run advocacy clubs and opportunities for social and political activism.
    Support the Greater Community
  • A Diverse Student Body

    A Diverse Student Body

    Reflecting the rich fabric of our city (and our world), Crossroads students represent a host of social, economic and racial backgrounds; family structures; ethnicities and religions; sexual orientations and gender identities; and much more. We are proud of our diverse learning environment, which benefits students from all backgrounds.

    Commit to a Diverse Student Body to support our K-12 Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, culturally  inclusive curriculum development and over a dozen  student affinity groups.
    Support a Diverse Student Body
  • Physical Well-Being and Full Human Potential

    Physical Well-Being and Full Human Potential

    The holistic education offered at Crossroads helps students grow in mind, body and spirit as they develop resilience, self-esteem, camaraderie and respect for others. Students learn to set goals, overcome challenges and bring their authentic selves to every aspect of school life. 

    Commit to Physical Well-Being and Full Human Potential to support Environmental and Outdoor Education, Physical Education, the Athletics Department and Life Skills programs such as the annual Senior Ojai Trip.
    Support Physical Well-Being & Human Potential
  • Area of Greatest Need

    Area of Greatest Need

    Crossroads offers an outstanding, progressive education that is both grounded in our founding commitments and responsive to our ever-changing world. Gifts to the Area of Greatest Need provide the School with the necessary resources to respond quickly to unexpected circumstances and to strengthen the School’s highest priorities, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of our community.

    Commit to the Area of Greatest Need to support the School’s ability to stay nimble and flexible, prepared to meet difficult challenges as well as to embrace new opportunities.
    Support the Area of Greatest Need

You Can Also Commit To...

The Affordability Program
Since the beginning, Crossroads has prioritized making an independent school education affordable to more families. One in four Crossroads students participates in the Affordability Program (formerly known as financial aid), allowing students from all economic backgrounds to thrive in our uniquely nurturing and enriching school environment. The Affordability Program also helps qualifying families cover the cost of textbooks, laptops, lunch, school transportation and after-school care.

Commit to the Affordability Program to support students who could not otherwise afford a Crossroads education and to invest in educational equity.