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MS Art Gallery - "You Have Currency!" Closing Reception

Sam Francis Gallery
The Sam Francis Gallery at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences Presents You Have Currency!
Closing Reception: Thursday, January 17 // 2:20-3 p.m.
Middle School Visual Art students engage in how the art making process gives visual form to values. Is art more than the public byproduct of societal and individual valuation? You Have Currency expresses the various ways students engage in making processes that interrogate forms of currency, branding and consumption/production from different cultural perspectives.
Students will undertake the redesign of currency with 2D and 3D digital and analogue making processes. Objects and images that are permeated by notions of wealth and value will be examined, while alternative cultural intangibles will be rendered manifest as new markers of exchange. Middle School students from Ceramics, Sculpture, Art and Culture, Studio Art, Multimedia and Video Production will be involved in this exciting inquiry.
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Sam Francis Gallery
Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre
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