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Supporting the Institute

The Crossroads School Equity & Justice Institute is an initiative of Worlds Unimagined: The Campaign for Crossroads. It was made possible by the generous support of donors to create a $6 million endowment for the program and its staff. No tuition dollars are allocated to the Institute, which is funded exclusively through contributions.

Crossroads School is deeply grateful for the generosity of our Equity & Justice Institute and Worlds Unimagined supporters.

Equity & Justice Institute Donors
David Bartis and Deborah Kanter
Frances and Steven Berman
The Bezdek Family
Juan Carrillo and Dominique Mielle
Mary Farrell and Stuart Bloomberg
Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman
Martin, Akieva, Chloe ’22
and Marissa Jacobs ’24
The Katims Family
The Kazerani Family
The Kurtzman-Counter Family
Marisol León ’03 
David and Rebecca Lindberg
Lindsay May ’98 and Jonathan Palevsky ’98
Robert ’82, Daryl, Billy ’12, Sophie ’13
and Ruby ’23 Offer 
Sharon S. Nazarian 
Mr. and Mrs. Younes Nazarian
Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation
Hava and Paul Rahimian
Rob and Michele Reiner
Jessica and Mark Samuel
The Seretean Family
Reagan Silber 
Jason Sloane and Embeth Davidtz Sloane 
Lauren and Benedikt Taschen
Jamie and Patrick Tierney 
Bob Weinstein
Tom Werner
Gunner and Alyson Winston
Kristin ’84 and Jeff Worthe
Cate and Erik Wright 
Mark and Lanhee Yung 
Mark Zakarin and Gina Deutsch-Zakarin

Worlds Unimagined Donors
Anonymous (15)
Andy Abowitz and Michael Levin
Joan Abrahamson and Jonathan Aronson
The Aghai Family
Ahmanson Foundation
Sarah ’88 and Jonathan Aibel
Neil and Cynthia Alexander
Sheri Allen
Annenberg Foundation
Mrs. Wallis Annenberg
The Arenas Family
Michele and Peter Aronson
Paul and Amanda Attanasio
Donna and Dan Aykroyd
Gabby and Rey Banatao
Julie and Tony Bardin
Monique and Rick Barry
David Bartis and Deborah Kanter
Andy, Tasha, Wilson ’22, Rowan ’24
and Holden ’26 Baum
Todd ’90 and Susanna Beck
Nancy and Russ Belinsky
Karen Bell and Robert Cox
Hagy and Jane Belzberg
Arezou and Stephan Berghoff
Frances and Steven Berman
Laurie Bernhard
The Bezdek Family
Sumeet and Parul Bhatia
Kathy and Issac Bina
Michael and Jolene Rapino
Charles Block and Wendy Block
Samar and Alex Bloomingdale
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Bloomingdale
The Blumenthal Family
Negin Bolour
Josh and Sonia Borris
Eric ’91 and Valerie Borstein
The Bouttier Family
Kharlene Boxenbaum
Simone and Marc Bretter
Lana Ayeroff Brody
Michelle ’82 and Steven Brookman
The Brownson/Cohen Family
Ginette Buffone
Suzanne Bukinik and Brad Falchuk
Jennifer ’94 and Basil P. Caloyeras ’93
Anne-Marie ’85 and Mark Cappellano
Linda Cardellini and Steven Rodriguez
Juan Carrillo and Dominique Mielle
Elizabeth Carter
Mery Grace Castelo
Alicia Celmer
The Celmer Family
Darlene Chan and Peter Donald
Chee Family Foundation
Lulu and Paul Lin
Michael Chow
Class of 2016 Parents
Cliffside Malibu
The Cocciolo Family
Ann and Philip Colburn
Iliana Contreras and Thomas Theissen
The Cox and Arquette Family
Amanda and David Lebowitz
The Davenport Family
Jorge del Calvo and Gerine Ongkeko
The di Bonaventura Family
Hillarie and Steven Dietz
The Diez Barroso Flores Family
Robert and Brenda Dillon
Marci and Jeffrey Dinkin
Ann Donahue
Laura Donnelley & The Good Works Foundation
Chloe and James Eichenlaub
Moise and Carol Ann Emquies
Marc and Gayle Ezralow
Francine Fanali
Mary Farrell and Stuart Bloomberg
Jeff and Patti Finkelstein
Marianna and David Fisher
Claudia Flores
Samuel Fox and Gail Ellis
Nicole Fram ’90
Mr. Brad Freeman
Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman
Lora Fremont
Dori Friedman
Bob and Diana Friedman
Fairbourne and John Frye
Lori and Simon Furie
Marilyn Gaizband and Sam Schaen
David and Cara Melnick
Daniel Gardenswartz
Nancy Cotton and John Given
The Glusker Family
Jessica and Josh Goldin
Alicia and John Goldsmith
Justin Goldstein ’90 and Deborah Dragon
Stephanie and Josh Goldstine
David Golubchik and Rina Welles
Susan Gonzales
The Lawrence and Diedre Gordon Foundation
The Gores Family
Owen Gross
Karyn Grossman MD
Mrs. Helen Groves
Brad, Julia, Henry ’10 and Charlie ’15 Hall
Marilou and Mark Hamill
The Erica and Marc E. Hankin Family
Burt Harris
Neal Harris and Debi Farkas Harris
Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman
Miranda and Bruno Heller
Christopher Henrikson and Susannah Grant
The Heraeus Family
The Hirshberg Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Hoegl
Andrew and Nicole Hoegl
Alex Hoerner ’91
Juliette Hohnen
Ms. Laurie Holz
Margaret Hyde
Cathe and J. Lloyd Jacobs
Katie Jacobs
Martin, Akieva, Chloe ’22 and Marissa ’24 Jacobs
The Kaplan/Wright Family
The Bruce Karatz Family
The Katims Family
The Kazerani Family
Julia Keith
Jena King
Leslie King
Karey and Nada Kirkpatrick
Jerry and Tiana Klein
The Klyce-Levin Family
Alexander ’90 and Ali Kohner
Kyoko and Hideo Kondo
Steven Konsker and Charlene Roxborough-Konsker
Carole and Robert Kopple
The Kozicki Family
Raquel Krelle and Jeffrey Eisenberg
The Kurtzman-Counter Family
Brigette and Michael Laiken ’95
Susan and Steven Lebow
Alex Lee and Soyon Kim
Marisol León ’03
The Lesser Family
Kim and Kip Levin
Suzann and Jimmy Levine
Julie and Jeremy Levy
Andrew and Kari Lichtstein
Rachel and Jeff Lipp
Karyl Sisson and Mark Liszt
Max Liszt ’95 and Erin Moss
The Locke Family
Rosie Lu
The Lynton Family
Patrick J. Mahany and Tonglin Xia
The Mandel Family
Marshall Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Martin
The Martin Family
Sue Mathews
Lindsay May ’98 and Jonathan Palevsky ’98
Katie McKinney
Joel and Sherry McKuin
Jennifer and Brian Michael
EJ and Gregory Milken
Sarah and Jeremy Milken
Jacqueline and Ted Miller ’82
Keri and Marc Millman, Isabella ’23 and Cecelia ’27 Millman
Iris Mink
Robin Mirvis Eatman
Jamie Mohn and Joe Blackstone
Sheryl Monaughan
Mr. Mike Myatt
Ms. Jill Bell Myatt
Nala Investments
Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation
Sharon S. Nazarian
Mr. and Mrs. Younes Nazarian
David and Andrea Nevins
Molly Noah
John and Elizabeth Nordquist
Mr. and Mrs. Budge Offer
Leslie and David Offer ’84
Robert ’82, Daryl, Billy ’12, Sophie ’13 and Ruby ’23 Offer
Grainne O’Malley-Ramirez and Louis Ramirez
Sandy and Jerry Oshinsky
Michelle Oyler
Elaine Parker-Gills
Bob Parmenter and Ellen Shimomura
Kirk and Susan Patrick
M. David and Diane Paul
Brooke Peterson and Daniel Miller
Jeff and Maya Pinkner
Angela and Ward Platt
Beth and Jim Preminger
Laura and Michael Presburger
Mitchell, Nina, Alexandra ’11 and Juliette ’15 Quaranta
Hava and Paul Rahimian
The Raimi Family
Catherine and Ramon Ramos
The Rappaport Family
Rob and Michele Reiner
The Reinis Family
The Resnick Weiss Family
Lynda & Stewart Resnick, Lucy ’16 and Oliver ’19 Weiss and Scarlett Sinay ’16
The Reznor Family
Bob Riddle
Sara and Dan Ring
Nancy Morgan Ritter
Susanna Hoffs and Jay Roach, Jackson ’13 and Sam ’17 Roach
Delphine Robertson ’88 and Richard Taite
Susan A. Rosenbaum
Victor Rosenbaum
Liberty Ross
Mr. and Mrs. David Rousso
Lea Russo and Bruce Berman
Amelia and Ralph Saltsman
Jennifer Saltzman ’78
Jessica and Mark Samuel
Rosio and Jose Luis Sanchez
Rupert Sanders
Randy and Mandi Sasaki
Christy Schnabel ’85 and Gerald Di Rienzo
Michelle and Gary Schoenfeld
Corinne and Jory Schulman
Amanda Schuon ’92
The Seretean Family
Amir Ali Siassi ’97
Reagan Silber
Shawn and Jason Silletti
Jason Sinay
The Skyscrape Foundation
The Slatkin Family
Jason Sloane and Embeth Davidtz Sloane
Adam ’93 and Andrea Slutske
Margaret and Robert Smith
Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr
The Stauber-O’Brien Family
Kim Stenton and Dave Oshinsky
Judith and Bruce Stern
Lisa and Michel Stern
Maureen and Bryan Stockton
Melinda Allen and Steven Stogel, Andrew ’13, Jackson ’16 and Ellie ’21 Stogel
Josh Stone ’09
Jeffrey Stuppler and Carolyn Fernandez
Jay Sures ’84 and Anne Ward
Allison and David Tannenbaum ’89
The Tatum Family
Sayoko and David Teitelbaum ’89
Jamie and Patrick Tierney
The Toppino Family
Genaro and Jackie Trejo
Mr. and Mrs. Nat Trives
Robbie Trombetta
Veronica Ulloa
Alice and Bill Unger
Emily and Stephen Usher
Guy Vandenbroucke
Mary-Jane Wagle
Kelly M. Wagner-Osborne ’90
Carmen and Jim Ward
Rachel Weber
Steven Weber and Juliette Hohnen
Geoff and Jodi Weg
Jodi and Ian Weingarten
Bob Weinstein
Robert and Linda Weinstein
Michael and Megan Weinsten
Tom Werner
Gunner and Alyson Winston
Heidi Wong
The Woodford-Wells Family
Ann Soh Woods and Mel Woods
Kristin ’84 and Jeffrey Worthe
Cate and Erik Wright
Eddy Yablans
Steve and Jessica Yi
Mark and Lanhee Yung
Mark Zakarin and Gina Deutsch-Zakarin
The Zapata Family
Betsy and Ruby Zeidman
Zonis Family
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