The Crossroads School Equity & Justice Institute


When does the Institute officially launch?
The Institute will launch in September 2018.

How is the Institute financed?
The Institute is financed entirely through an endowment supported by generous donors. No tuition dollars are allocated to the Institute.
Who oversees the Institute?
Two guiding committees will work closely with the director to develop strategic goals for the Institute. One will be a senior-level Advisory Council consisting of thought leaders and social justice advocates to help set the course for the Institute, and create partnerships throughout the world. The second will be an Educational Steering Committee made of up Crossroads faculty and students who will focus on operations and programming. 

Crossroads is already a leader in socially conscious education and activism. Why do we need an Institute?
The Equity & Justice Institute supports a cohesive and comprehensive approach to social justice teaching and community engagement. Whereas faculty members in the past have developed curricula and special projects on their own, they will now have the Institute as a resource and guide to develop thoughtful, engaging lessons, special events and service opportunities on topics of societal importance.
In addition, the Institute establishes a formal infrastructure to help members of the Crossroads community connect easily with students, teachers, parents, alumni and outside organizations. The administrative and logistical support that the Institute provides will enable the School to maintain a focus on meaningful teaching and learning on equity and justice issues.
The Institute enhances Crossroads’ ability to foster collaboration on campus, strengthening and expanding the School’s connections in social justice fields and empowering members of our community to incubate new nonprofits. Their efforts will be direct results of relationships and programs developed through the Institute.
Moreover, the Institute solidifies Crossroads’ founding commitment to the greater community. The creation of this groundbreaking program reflects the School’s intent to make equity and justice an ongoing priority.
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