"We have to see the world as it is, but we have to think about what the world could be.
That's what the arts are about."
Herbert Zipper

The Herbert Zipper Archives contains the personal papers and artifacts of Herbert and Trudl Dubsky Zipper, as well as, a reference collection of works relating to their lives. The materials were bequeathed to Crossroads School by Herbert Zipper when he passed away in 1997. Select materials continue to be added when appropriate. Please contact the archivist, Amie Mack, at (310) 829-7391 ext. 259 for more information about the Herbert Zipper Archives.

ARCHIVAL MATERIALS are comprised of music scores, concert programs, photographs, audio recordings, interviews, scrapbooks, correspondence, and other items owned and/or created by the Zippers. Many of these items are unique and not available elsewhere. Processing of the collection is ongoing and it may be accessed on a limited basis with assistance of the archivist. 

Included are:
  • Herbert Zipper’s letters written from Buchenwald on camp paper
  • Original manuscript of the Dachau Song by Zipper and poet Jura Soyfer
  • 1939 letter from Herbert Zipper to friend Eric Simon containing detailed description of his arrest and Dachau concentration camp experiences
  • Photographs, programs, and other materials from Zipper's historic 1945 Manila concert
  • Zipper’s sheet music and conducting scores
  • Trudl Zipper’s letters, photographs, watercolor paintings and drawings
  • Arthur Paunzen's original etchings and Ex Libris bookplates

contains some 2000 works related to various aspects of the Zippers’ diverse and courageous lives. Many books were collected by Crossroads School founder Paul Cummins in researching Herbert Zipper’s biography Dachau Song, and volumes continue to be added as appropriate.

Areas of concentration include:
  • Holocaust studies and concentration camps, especially Dachau and Buchenwald
  • The rise of the Nazis and European fascism
  • 19th - 20th century Austrian culture, art, and politics
  • Philippines history and culture during World War II
  • Works on 20th century China and other Asian countries

Beginning in January 2014, the Herbert Zipper Archive officially opened to Crossroads 9th - 12th grade classes. This diverse archive engages students by using primary source materials for an unique hands-on educational experience in subjects such as world history, the arts and music.
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